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We provide professional woodworking and charcoal processing equipment with the most detailed services. According to customers' demands, we customize various charcoal production lines.

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We are a world-class researcher and manufacturer of industrial machinery products. We are good at boldly discovering and improving the core accessories of equipment to facilitate the use of customers from all over the world.

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24/7 service time

We offer 24h online service, and are online for 7 days in one week. Whenever you come to us, we're able to respond very soon.


Tech support

Video support, online guidance, manual, etc. A series of online and offline support is attached with the machine. Even, our technician can visit your site to help according to the situations.


High Quality

We carry out a set of strict quality control system to monitor and guarantee the machine quality. Such as, we adopt the high-quality raw material to manufacture the machine. Also, our customers are satisfied with our machines.


CE certificate

Our products have CE certificates. This strongly expresses our machines have the great strength to compete in the world markets.

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