Shisha Charcoal Production Line | Hookah Charcoal Making Machine


The shisha charcoal production line mainly includes a carbonization furnace, wood hammer mill, charcoal powder mixer, hookah coal making machine, charcoal drying machine and packing machine, etc. The hookah charcoal production line is mainly used to produce high-quality hookah charcoal, which is very flammable and smokeless. The finished product is tasteless with high density and low ash, which is an ideal product for hookah lovers to light tobacco.

Brief introduction of shisha charcoal production steps

carbonizing raw materials — crushing carbonized materials — mixing charcoal powder, water and adhesive — hookah coal forming — drying — packaging

Applicable raw materials of hookah charcoal production line

The raw materials of the hookah charcoal production line can be nutshells, small wood chips, or large logs, branches, bamboo, coconut shells, etc. Nowadays, coconut shell hookah charcoal is more and more popular in the industry, because its finished product has high hardness, high density and long burning time, which can meet the requirements of superior waterpipe charcoal.

Main equipment of shisha charcoal project

Step 1: Carbonizing

If the raw materials for carbonization are logs, large pieces of wood, branches, etc., then use a hoist carbonization furnace or a honrizontal carbonizing machine. If the raw material is nutshells, small thin wood chips, or rice husks, we recommend using a continuous carbonization furnace. We will also recommend suitable carbonization furnaces according to customers’ different output requirements.

Recently, our factory has the latest carbonization furnace. The combustion chamber of the newest charcoal-making machine is designed with ceramic fiber, which has a good thermal insulation effect and has a service life of up to 12 years, avoiding secondary pollution of castables.

Step 2: Crushing

After the raw material is carbonized, the charcoal obtained is crushed into charcoal powder with a hammer mill, with a diameter of about 1 mm. After that, a Raymond mill is used for fine grinding to obtain fine carbon powder of 80 mesh.

As WOOD machinery is committed to helping customers make high-quality hookah charcoal, we recommend using two types of crushers, the first coarse crushing and the second fine crushing. Charcoal powder that reaches 80 meshes can produce hookah charcoal that is denser and more resistant to burning, and the market price is higher, helping customers achieve higher profits.

Step 3: Mixing

The charcoal mixing machine is mainly used to mix charcoal powder, water and binder and stir evenly. The mixture can be rolled to increase the density. It is a pre-compression before molding to facilitate subsequent molding.


Step 4: Pressing and forming

The hookah charcoal machine uses finely grounded charcoal to make hookah charcoal blocks. WOOD machinery provides customers with three types of hookah charcoal machines, including mechanical hookah charcoal making machines, stainless steel shisha coal machines and hydraulic hookah charcoal machines, each of which is available.

In addition, If you want to expand the production of shisha charcoal, or upgrade the shisha charcoal equipment, we recommend the rotary shisha charcoal machine, which has higher pressure and better quality shisha charcoal.

Rotary shisha charcoal making machines in our factory
Rotary shisha charcoal making machines in our factory

Step 5: Drying

In order to better package hookah charcoal, drying them is an indispensable step. The molded hookah charcoal has a certain degree of humidity. If they are directly packaged without drying them, water vapor will be generated in the packaging bag, which will affect the combustion effect.

There are two types of hookah charcoal drying equipment sold by WOOD machinery, they are drying room and mesh belt dryer. The prepared hookah charcoal is placed on the shelf inside the drying room and dried by hot air circulation. The mesh belt dryer uses a multi-layer stainless steel or carbon steel mesh belt drive to drive the hot airflow to achieve drying.

Step 6: Packing

Exquisite packaging always strengthens people’s desire to buy, and hookah charcoal is no exception. The most common shapes of hookah charcoal are circles and squares. The dried hookah charcoal will be wrapped in a packaging machine, and the pattern and words on the packaging bag can be customized.

Other machines of shisha charcoal production line

Adhesive mixing tank

1. starch blender

Affected by factors such as regions, it is not convenient for some customers to buy suitable adhesives, so the starch made by the customers themselves can also be used as an adhesive for making shisha charcoal briquettes. However, it needs to be fully stirred with hot water in a stirring tank before it can be mixed with charcoal powder to play the role of a binder.

Storage bin

2. Storage bin

In the production line, because the amount of raw materials processed by each machine is different, it is necessary to equip a storage bin to store the raw materials processed in the previous step. In this way, we can balance the working speed of the entire shisha charcoal production line.

For example, adding a storage bin between the pulverizer and the charcoal powder mixer is a good choice.

Feeding device of the shisha charcoal production line

3. Feeding device

If the customer has a large output and uses several hookah charcoal machines, then in order to improve efficiency, you can choose a distribution device.

Weighing storage bin

4. Weighing storage bin

Before mixing the charcoal powder and the binder, you can prepare one weighing device to weigh the binder according to a certain ratio, and then mix it with the charcoal powder.

What are the features of high-quality hookah charcoals?

Firstly, good hookah charcoal must be hard and won’t break when dropped from a high place. Secondly, the density is high. Put a piece of hookah charcoal into the water. If the charcoal powder cracks, it means that its density is not high enough. High-quality hookah charcoal can sink into the water, and there will be no charcoal powder. Third, there is no smoke and odor when burning. Fourth, there is less ash after combustion.

Packaged product display of shisha charcoal plant

The text and patterns on the packaging bag can be customized according to the needs of customers. Generally speaking, there are ten round hookah charcoals in a pack, 48, 72 or 96 square hookah charcoals in a pack.