Charcoal briquette extruder shipped to Indonesia

Good news! WOOD MAchinery has just shipped twenty charcoal briquette extruder machines to Indonesia this month. The charcoal manufacturers in Indonesia will use the briquette extruders to start a new charcoal factory in 2023.

Charcoal factory in Indonesia

The customer had bought our charcoal machine from us before, and this year the customer is going to build a new charcoal factory in Indonesia, and now the customer wants to buy new charcoal briquette extruder machines in large quantities. Because of the high efficiency and long life of the previous machine, the customer bought the charcoal machine from our factory again this year.

The raw material of the customer’s factory is charcoal powder, and they want to make different shapes of charcoal, mainly square and hexagonal briquettes. The customer browsed our webpage and saw the machines on top of the charcoal production line. In addition to the briquette machine, he also bought the hammer blade crusher and charcoal powder mixer for the production line.

Video of charcoal briquette extruder shipped to Indonesia

Charcoal briquette extruder shipped to Indonesia

Why did charcoal manufacturers in Indonesia choose WOOD Machinery?

  • WOOD Machinery has developed and manufactured charcoal briquette extruders for ten years, we are very professional and experienced in manufacturing and exporting machines. Our customers are from Italy, Germany, the USA, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Indonesia, and so on.
  • Each of our project managers is well-trained, they know the charcoal briquette machine very well and are able to commend the most suitable machine to customers.
  • WOOD Machinery provides special customized services for our customers, including mold design and others.

How did we provide special customized services for our customers?

Develop a professional customized mold

The customer also had requirements for the molds because they wanted to make different shapes of finished products. For every mold shape and size that the customer said, we recorded it for the customer. Finally, we make a 3D drawing according to the customer’s mold size and send it to the customer for reconfirmation.

Customize charcoal powder mixer machine

Customizing the powder mixer for the customer according to the customer’s requirements. Our company often sells wheel mills, which are not quite the same as the machines our customers are using now, so we asked our customers to send us some videos and pictures of the machines they are using now. Our factory made a custom mixer according to the customer.