Wood Pallet Making Machine

The compressed wood pallet machine is specialized in making all kinds of wood pallets. The hydraulic wood pallet making machine can press all kinds of wood chips, rice husks, coconut husks, etc. into high-density and high-hardness wood pallets. Shuliy Group is a professional wood pallet machine manufacturer, our machines have been exported to Mexico, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, and other countries, if you are interested, please feel free to consult us.

Wood pallet making machine
Wood Pallet Making Machine
Wood pallet making machine
Wood Pallet Making Machine

Raw materials of wood pallet making machine

There are many raw materials used to make wood pallets, including waste pallets, log shavings, wood waste, coconut shells, rice husks and any other material containing wood fibers. This makes this particular type of pallet very environmentally friendly.

  • Wood crushing. The raw material is first crushed and processed into wood chips using a wood crusher.
  • Sawdust drying. For wood chips with high moisture content, a dryer is used to reduce the moisture content to less than 10%.
  • Glue and wood chips mixing. Before compressing the wood chips, we also need to mix the wood chips with glue. In order to improve the density and hardness of the wood pallets, we usually add the right amount of liquid glue to the wood chips for mixing.
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Wood Pallet Making Machine 6

Introduction of compressed wood pallets

Compressed wood pallets are wooden pallets pressed out by high-pressure molding for logistics transportation. They are new environmental pallets made of high-quality wood chips, shavings, and other plant fibers. The sawdust will be dried, glued, and molded at high temperatures and pressure.

Compressed wood pallets are now very widely used in logistics and transportation, they are moderately priced, have the good load-bearing capacity, save space, and are environmentally friendly.

Working principle of wood pallet making machine

Before compressing the wood chips, the wood pallet making machine needs to be preheated. We can use the steam generated by the boiler as the heat source of the wood pallet machine. Moreover, we can use the heat-conducting oil furnace to heat the mold of the wood pallet making machine.

After preheating, we spread the wood chips evenly into the mold of the pallet making machine. Turn on the machine, the upper mold of the machine will slowly descend and press the wood chips, it takes about seven minutes to make a wood pallet.

Prospect of wood pallet machine for sale

The main sizes of wooden pallets are: 1200*1000 12-20mm, 1200*800 14-20 mm, 1100*1100 12-20 mm, etc. In addition, according to the customer’s needs, we can order other specifications. Wooden pallets are mainly used for turnover or packaging and are also necessary items for logistics enterprises and storage enterprises. Wooden pallets are free from quarantine and low prices, which are welcomed by customers.

A wood pallet machine is a necessary machine for making wooden pallets, which has high output and superior quality. Due to its broad product prospect, wood pallet machine is now in short supply. Through the development of the international market, the machine will be more and more popular with users.

Video of compressed wood pallet machine