WD-250 Wood Debarker Shipped to Turkey in 2022

Congratulations! We have shipped one WD-250 wood debarker to Turkey successfully last week.The wood debarker machine will be used to peel our customer’s logs in a wood processing plant. We will introduce the case for your reference. If you are interested in the log debarker machine, welcome to contact us.

Why did customer in Turkey need a wood debarker?

The customer has his own wood processing plant and the plant mainly produces wood pellets. Now the customer wants to buy a wood debarker machine to process the bark on the logs cleanly. Then the wood pellets made will be of higher quality and higher price. So he began to search the Internet for relevant wood processing equipment manufacturers.

WD-250 wood debarker machine shipped to Turkey

The customer saw our website online and found that we sell wood stripping machines and our wood processing machines for sale have been sold all over the world, including Croatia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and so on. So the customer was interested in our company and our machines. He left a message on our website stating that he would like to buy a wood debarker machine.

Linda, our sales manager, contacted the customer in Turkwy at once and learned that the customer’s raw material was straight logs and he wanted to use the log peeling machine to peel the wood and then break it into wood chips to make pellets with the wood chip pellet mill. The customer’s logs are relatively fine, with a diameter of 5 to 25 cm. Therefore, Linda recommended the WD-250 model for him.

The customer was very satisfied with our service, he said Linda replied him very promptly and professionally, and he will buy our wood pellet mill again if he needs it in the future. We are also looking forward to the next cooperation with him.

Wood debarker machine
Wood Peeler Machine

Parameters of log debarker shipped to Turkey in 2022

The following table shows the wood debarking machine sent to Turkey.

Motor7.5 kw+2.2 kw
Suitable wood diameter5-25 cm
Package size2250*1220*1600 mm
Package Weight1400 kg
Voltage380V,50HZ, 3 phase