Industry Biomass Rotary Dryer | Sawdust Dryer

Model WD-RD800
Capacity 400-600kg/h
Power 4kw
Rotary Diameter 0.8m diameter,length 8m

Industry biomass rotary dryer is drying equipment for processing biomass, mainly used for drying biomass raw materials such as wood chips or rice husks. The applicable material size is 3-5mm. The sawdust drying machine needs to be equipped with a heating furnace, a fan, a motor reducer integrated machine, and a conveying device. The moisture of the dried material is 8%-12%, preparing for further charcoal processing line.

Raw materials of sawdust dryer

The main raw materials of the biomass dryer are wood chips, wood chips, rice husk, coconut husk, or wheat straw. These are the raw materials for making wooden sticks. The dried raw materials can be directly processed by a sawdust briquette machine.

Raw materials of industry biomass rotary dryer
raw materials of industry biomass rotary dryer

Structure of industry rice husk drying machine

This industry biomass rotary dryer is mainly composed of cylinders, pipes, heating furnaces, fans, etc. Among them, the heating furnace needs to be installed by the customer, and our manufacturer can help design and make drawings. The barrel is installed at an angle, and the material is in contact with the hot air during the process of turning and moving inside the rotating barrel to achieve the purpose of drying. This sawdust drying machine is equipped with feeding and discharging devices. There is a sealing sheet between the feeding and discharging device and the cylinder body to prevent the material from overflowing. If customers need a rice husk drying machine with large output, cooling equipment can be added to facilitate subsequent processing.

Inside structure of industry biomass rotary dryer
the inside structure of industry biomass rotary dryer

Principle of biomass rotary dryer

The heat of the sawdust dryer is provided by the heating furnace, and the fan is configured to send the hot air in the heating furnace into the dryer. After the moist material enters the dryer, it will move forward by the densely packed toothed belt, they will be dried by the high-temperature airflow in the duration of moving. The temperature of the dried material is about 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. Large models of machines need to be equipped with cooling devices to cool the finished product.

Rotary dryer machine factory
Rotary dryer machine factory

Video of industry biomass rotary dryer

Parameters of sawdust dryer

ModelCapacityPowerRotary Diameter
WD-RD800400-600kg/h4kw0.8m diameter,length 8m
WD-RD1000800-1000kg/h5.5+5.5kw1m diameter ,length 10m
WD-RD12001000-1200kg/h7.5+7.5kw1.2m diameter ,length 12m
WD-RD15001500-2000kg/h15+15kw1.5m diameter, length 12m

Introduction of airflow sawdust dryer

The airflow rice husk drying machine is to mix the wet raw materials with the high-temperature airflow and finally separates the water from the raw materials through the separator. Dryers are widely used in wood processing, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries. The dryer can process raw materials with moisture less than 30%, and the price is reasonable.

Airflow dryer
airflow dryer

Parameters of airflow rice husk drying machine

WD-AD219300-400kg/h 5.5kw

Differences between industry biomass rotary dryer and airflow dryer

Features of biomass rotary dryer

According to the different characteristics of the material, different types of lifting plates and anti-sticking measures are set. When the material enters the rotating cylinder and is dried, the cylinder is equipped with multi-angle lifting plates to make the material spread evenly and fully compatible with the high-temperature furnace. The air exchanges heat and the drying effect of the industry biomass rotary dryer is good.

Advantages of sawdust dryer

  • The air flow dryer occupies a small area, is convenient for transportation, and is suitable for manufacturers with small production requirements.
  • The price is advantageous, and it is suitable for customers with a low budget.

Drying machine application in production lines

What can dried sawdust do after removing water in a drying machine? WOOD Machinery provides two different production lines for our customers. One is the wood pallet blocks production line, which includes a wood crusher, dryer, glue mixing machine, and forming machine. Another one is the biomass briquette production line, the sawdust briquette press machine is the most important piece of equipment of the line.

Producing wood pallet blocks

Wood block machine

Put the mixed raw materials into the sawdust brick-making machine, and the sawdust is pressed into wooden sticks by high temperature and high pressure.

These sticks have high density and high hardness. After cutting, they can be used as foot piers for wooden pallets.

Making sawdust briquettes


A sawdust briquette machine can press the grouded wood chips into biomass sticks through high temperature.