Wood pellet machine | Industrial Wood Pellet Mill

Model WD-250 WD-300 WD-350 WD-400
Capacity 100-500 kg/h
Brand name WOOD Machinery
Warranty 12 months

Shuliy wood pellet machine for sale is attractive to customers determined to start a wood pellet making business. The wood pellet mill can use a variety of agricultural waste to make pellet fuel, therefore, the wood pellet mill can realize the great economic value and does not cause environmental problems.

Introduction of wood pellet machine

Industrial wood pellet mill is a kind of pellet fuel molding machinery, it is also called a sawdust pellet machine. The wood pellet machine will process various branches, including wood chips, corn straw, wood bran, wood flour and other materials into many small compressed wood pellets. Those sawdust pellets can be used in family fireplaces, industrial boilers, biomass power plant fuel. They can replace coal, heavy oil and natural gas, reducing the environmental pollution.

Working video of wood pellet mill

The video shows the testing video of one small wood pellet machine in our plant. In the video you can see the final compressed sawdust pellets are in good shape and the sawdust pellet machine efficiency is high.

Raw materials of small wood pellet machine

The raw materials that can be made into wood pellets are very wide, the common material is wood chips, general speaking,the wood blocks, branches are crushed into wood chips through the wood grinder, wood chips are used as raw materials. In addition, various crop stalks, coconut shells, peanut shells, weeds and other agricultural waste are also raw materials for wood pellet machine.

Raw materials of wood pellets
Raw Materials Of Wood Pellets

Parameters of wood pellet machine for sale

We have four models of industrial wood pellet mill for customers to choose from. Their output depends on the feed volume of the raw material you want to process. WD-250 and WD-300 are suitable for small pellet manufacturing plants. WD-350 and WD-400 are suitable for large pellet making plants. Please see their parameters in the following table.

Power (kw)15223037
Capacity (kg/h)100-200200-300300-400400-500
sawdust pellet machine for sale

How to choose a sawdust pellet machine?

  • Sawdust pellet machine price. Generally speaking, for the machine with high output, the corresponding price is higher. Customers should decide to buy the machine according to their own raw material quantity and budget.
  • Wood pellet mill quality. The quality of the machine is the most important thing. Customers can know the quality of each part of the wood pellet mill, the degree of automation of the production line, the way the machine operates and the way it is conveyed. If the production line is closed, the dust will be much less and the product quality will be higher.
  • Sawdust pellet machine manufacturers. Now, the wood pellet mill is very hot, sawdust pellet machine manufacturers are more and more, and the quality of machines varies. Customers must choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and rich experience. It is best to examine the strength of the manufacturer and related after-sales service on-site.

Why choose Shuliy sawdust pellet machine manufacturers?

Shuliy Machinery has extensive experience in design, manufacturing, installation and export for over ten years. We provide customized one-stop projects for our customers. Leave your request for wood pellet mill now.

What is Shuliy sawdust pellet machine price?

The sawdust pellet machine price is an important concerning factor to customers. There are several factors that influence sawdust pellet machine price. They are the capacity and model of the pellet machine, the manufacturers of the machine, different optional device and delivery fee.

If customers have special requirements, the price will be changed. As for the specific price, you can consult us, you are welcome to leave a message on our website and we will provide you with a detailed quotation.