Biomass Wood Pellet Machine | Wood Pellet Extruder Mill for Sale

Machine brand WOOD Machinery
Model WOOD Machinery provide 7 different models according to your demands
Capacity 0.2-4t/h
Raw materials Sawdust, wood chips
Warranty 12 months

Shuliy biomass wood pellet machine mainly produces environmentally friendly and pollution-free wood pellets. The biomass pellet machine is very popular in the market and our machines have been exported to all over the world, helping many manufacturers to achieve economic benefits.

Introduction of biomass wood pellet machine

biomass pellet mill is a vertical structure and adopts centrifugal high-efficiency ring die granulation technology. The machine can process crushed trees, boards, bark, shavings and other raw materials through physical extrusion, the sawdusts will be pressed into 8-12 mm diameter rod-shaped particles. The final product is well formed, dense, and can be used as fuel instead of coal.

Raw materials of wood pellet machine

Wood pellet mill is nowadays widely used in a biological combustion plant, power plant, wood processing plant, fertilizer plant, food plant, winery, etc. The wood pellet mill is a high and low-density molding equipment, mainly applicable to wood materials: all kinds of trees, branches, boards, bark, shavings, furniture factory offcuts, etc.

Biomass pellet machine working video

Parameters of wood pellet mill for sale

ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (kW)
details of wood pellet extruder

Features of biomass wood pellet machine

  • The biomass pellet machine is equipped with an independent discharge device to ensure the pellet forming rate.
  • The wood pellet extruder is equipped with an automatic timing refueling system to ensure 24-hour continuous production.
  • The machine adopts a vertical structure with high pressure, it has a high speed with high efficiency and high output and good stability.
  • If customers have a lot of raw materials and a large production capacity, more than one wood pellet mill can be used in parallel.

Biomass wood pellet machine in stock

Application of wood pellet extruder final products

  • Wood pellets can be used for civil heating and living energy. Wood chip pellets have high combustion efficiency and are easy to store and use.
  • Wood pellets can be used in industry as fuel for biomass industrial boilers. Wood pellets can replace energy sources such as coal and natural gas and solve environmental pollution. In addition, the combustion efficiency of wood chip pellets exceeds that of ordinary coal.
  • Sawdust pellets can be used as fuel for thermal power generation.
  • IThey can also be used as the base material for mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc.