Hoist Carbonization Furnace | Vertical Airflow Wood Charcoal Machine

Model WD-C1500
Dimension 1940mm*1900mm*1900mm
Inner tank size 1500mm*1500mm
Output capacity 2500-3000kg/24 hours
Outer bladder thickness 6mm
Loading capacity 2600-3000kg/per 8 hours
Weight 2.8t

The hoist carbonization furnace adopts a hoisting combination structure and advanced hot air carbonization technology, which greatly improves the carbonization rate. Waste wood or coal is used as a heat source, and the carbonized product can be used as fuel. It is ideal equipment for large and medium-sized charcoal production enterprises to produce charcoal.

Applications of hoist carbonization furnace

The wood charcoal machine uses high temperatures to carbonize logs, large branches, hardwoods, coconut shells, nutshells, palm shells, bamboo, etc. The airflow wood charcoal machine can also carbonize biomass sticks made by the sawdust briquette machine. The finished products can be used as fuel or further processed into other shapes of carbon blocks. A hoist carbonization furnace plays a very important role in the process of making charcoal briquettes. The carbonized logs, branches and bamboo can be crushed into charcoal powder, then add some appropriate water and binders. The charcoal powder will be formed into various shapes of charcoal blocks.

Applications of the hoist carbonization furnace
Applications Of The Hoist Carbonization Furnace

Structures of wood charcoal machine

The main structure of the charcoal carbonization furnace is a shelf, an outer tank, an inner furnace, a ventilation pipe for the circulation of combustible gas, and a smoke purification system. The inner furnace is the main carbonization chamber.

A cover is installed on the inner tank, the upper edge of the inner tank and the sealing ring on the upper edge of the outer tank are matched with each other, and hanging ears are respectively fixed on the sidewall of the inner tank and the cover, which are used to separate from the outer tank.

The wood charcoal machine is separated from the combustion chamber, and the carbonization liner installed in a movable way can realize continuous operation. One furnace body can be equipped with multiple carbonization liners. When replacing the carbonization liner, there is no need to do preheating treatment. The carbonization liner The cooling of the furnace is completely separated from the furnace body, the equipment is simple and novel in structure, and the operation is simple and safe.

Hoist carbonization furnace working principle

The inner tank of the hoist wood charcoal machine is hoisted and put into the outer shell. The fuel is burned in the combustion chamber at the bottom. When the wood burns in the furnace, combustible gas is gradually generated. These gases are circulated and heated in the perforated pipe, and there is no need to refuel when the fuel is burned out. Observe the pipe in the combustion chamber. When the hole on the pipe no longer fires, it means that the combustible gas has been burned out and the carbonization ends.

Charcoal carbonization process

  • Open the cover of the carbonization furnace.
  • Lift out the furnace and place it in the charcoal loading area.
  • Open the lid of the inner tank, put the furnace on a slant, and install the rods.
  • After the rod is installed, cover the furnace lid, and hang the furnace into the outer tank.
  • Open the smoke outlets of the furnace body in turn, cover the furnace lid tightly, and start carbonization.

Wood carbonization machine working video

Advantages of airflow wood charcoal machine

  • The shelf has a good bearing capacity, the load is more than two tons furnace has no vulnerable parts and has a long service life, which makes maintenance easy.
  • The gas can be recycled, no need to add materials all the time, saving manpower.
  • The outer shell and inner tank of the carbonization furnace are made of Q245 steel, and the inner tank has a layer of refractory bricks and high-temperature-resistant glue inside, which are not easy to collapse.
  • The hoist carbonization furnace occupies a small area, and the inner tank is lifted and lowered by the remote control system. The operation is safe and labor cost is saved.
  • The machine is equipped with three inner tanks, which can continue to use another inner tank during the cooling process. The carbonization furnace and the combustion chamber are separated, and the movably installed carbonization liner can be used to achieve continuous operation. One furnace body can be equipped with multiple carbonization liners. When the carbonization liner is replaced, no preheating is required, which can improve the work efficiency.
Wood charcoal machine
Wood Charcoal Machine

Application of carbonizing furnace product

After carbonization, biomass wood sticks can be directly used as fuel for barbecue, home heating, etc. After bamboo, logs or branches are carbonized, the structure is relatively loose and the calorific value is not high. It is a bit wasteful to use them directly as fuel. We recommend pairing with a charcoal production line. In the production line, we pulverize the charcoal, mix it with a binder, and use different professional machines to make charcoal briquettes. These charcoal shapes are regular, hard, and dense, which are high-quality charcoal blocks.

Hoist wood charcoal machine parameters

Inner tank size1500mm*1500mm
Outer bladder thickness6mm
Output capacity2500-3000kg/24 hours
Loading capacity2600-3000kg/per 8 hours

The model of charcoal carbonization furnace is named after the diameter of the inner tank. The larger the diameter of the carbonization furnace, the larger the volume, and more raw materials can be carbonized.

FAQ of hoist carbonizing furnace

What kind of fuel is used in the combustion chamber of the carbonization furnace?

Waste materials and wood, coconut shell, coal, and wood pellets can be used (a burner is required)Burner of biomass pellets

What is the density of the finished charcoal?

The density of wood sticks is about 1-1.3 tons cubic meters, and the denser charcoal is more resistant to burning.

Will the waste smoke and exhaust gas produced by the hoist carbonization furnace cause environmental pollution?

The machine is equipped with removal equipment. We also have high-voltage electrostatic purification equipment, if the requirements are high, which can maximize the reduction of smoke emissions.High-voltage electrostatic purification equipment

Can olive pomace be used in a vertical carbonization furnace?

No, the machine carbonizes all hard materials. If you have to use it, it is recommended to use a sawdust briquette machine to make olive pomace into a hard biomass rod and then use a hoist carbonization furnace to carbonize it.

How to put the raw materials into the feed inlet?

Configure the row crane, put the raw materials into the inner tank first, use the row crane to lift the inner tank and put it into the outer tank, and then burn it.Airflow wood charcoal machine

What is the output of the carbonization furnace?

Our carbonization furnace has three models, the output is 300kg/4-6 hours; 600kg/6-8 hours; 1000kg/8-10 hours. Among them, this one with 1000kg/8-10 hours is the most popular.

Why is the charcoal obtained after burning less than the raw material?

Because the water in the wood evaporates, the lignin is combined and converted into carbon, and 3-4 tons of raw materials can be made into 1 ton of carbon.

Will there be by-products?

A small amount of wood tar and wood vinegar will be produced during the carbonization process. They are obtained by natural cooling and liquefaction of the smoke emitted during the burning of wood into charcoal.