Continuous Carbonization Furnace | Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Model WD-CF1200
Diameter(mm) 1200
Capacity(kg/h) 1200-1500
Main Power(kw) 20
Carbonization Temperature(℃) 500-800
Fan Power(kw) 5.5

Continuous carbonization furnace is currently the latest type of carbonization equipment, which can carbonize various materials, such as wood chips, rice husks, palm husks, etc.

Sawdust charcoal-making machine realizes continuous feeding, continuous carbonization, layered carbonization, intelligent control, automatic collection of tar, and combustible gas.

The continuous carbonization furnace solves the disadvantages of traditional carbonization, such as low production efficiency and high labor intensity, and truly realizes the efficient and reasonable utilization of renewable resources.

Continuous carbonization furnace
Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Raw materials of continuous carbonization furnace

Different from the hard materials processed by the hoist carbonization furnace and the horizontal carbonizing furnace, the materials carbonized by the continuous carbonization function have different requirements.

The materials need to be small and thin, the size should be under 10 centimeters. Peanut shells, plants, bark, straw, walnut shells, coconut shells, palm shells, sawdust, and other carbon-containing wood materials are all available.

Raw materials of continuous carbonization furnace
Raw Materials Of Continuous Carbonization Furnace

The humidity of the raw materials should be under 20%, if not, they should be removed from water by a biomass rotary dryer.

Dry distillation and anaerobic carbonization are carried out under high-temperature conditions in the carbonization machine. The carbonization furnace has a high carbonization rate. It is a piece of ideal equipment for charcoal processing plants.

Structures of sawdust charcoal making machine

The continuous carbonization furnace mainly includes spiral feeding, flat feeding, host, condensing discharge, flame head, combustion pool, purification equipment, power distribution cabinet, etc. The material needs to pass through the preheating zone, high-temperature carbonization zone, and cooling zone.

Ignition head of the  burning pool

Ignition head of the burning pool

WD-CF1200 model has a total of 18.
WD-CF1200 model has a total of 16.
We use them as ignition devices when choosing LPG as the heat source.

Burning pool of the sawdust charcoal making machine

Burning pool of the continuous carbonization furnace

Inside structure of the burning pool

The combustion pool is made of 4mm thick Q235 steel and 5cm thick high-temperature rock wool. Good thermal insulation effect.

In addition, rock wool is much lighter than traditional refractory bricks, which is easier to transport and has better heat insulation.

Inside mineral wool of the carbonization furnace

The sawdust charcoal making machine adopts 310s stainless steel plate and rock wool, which improves the sealing and heat preservation.

It ensures that the carbonization area of ​​the carbonization host has sufficient temperature.

Mineral wool

Screw feeder and cooling discharge device

The cooling discharge device can be connected to a water pump or a water pipe.

It will cool the high-temperature charcoal to prevent spontaneous combustion when the material is discharged.

Inside structure of the screw conveyor

Inside structure of the screw conveyor

How to carbonize rice husk in a continuous carbonization furnace?

After turning on the machine, use Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to ignite the machine. The machine needs to be preheated for about 1 hour, and 20-30kg of LPG is required to ignite one time. (The whole process only needs to ignite the LPG once)

The preheating is completed when the preheating temperature reaches 280°-330°, and the raw materials are put in. When the raw material is coconut husk, the material is discharged when the temperature in the continuous carbonization furnace is 330 degrees, and the raw material is lighter raw materials such as palm husk, rice husk, and wood chips. When the temperature in the furnace reaches 280°, the material is discharged.

Ignite the combustion chamber. After carbonization for 10-20 minutes, observe whether hot gas is generated in the combustion pool. If flammable gas is generated, ignite the gas to burn the combustion chamber. Then turn off the burner and no longer use LPG.

It takes 20 minutes for a round of carbonization, after which the material can be re-cut to start a new round of carbonization.

Cooling is required when discharging. The carbonization furnace is equipped with a double-layer condenser, the carbonized raw material is discharged from the inside, and the outside is filled with circulating water for cooling.

Carbonization Furnace With A Good Price

Parameters of continuous carbonization furnace

Main Power(kw)18.518.520
Carbonization Temperature(℃)500-800500-800500-800
Fan Power(kw)
Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine Parameters

The continuous carbonization furnace is named according to the diameter of the furnace. The larger the diameter, the more raw materials that can be carbonized. Among them, the output and price of WD-CF1000 model are relatively moderate, which is more popular with customers.

Sawdust charcoal making machine
High Capacity Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Features of sawdust charcoal making machine

1. Characteristics of continuous feeding

The carbonization furnace realizes the production process of continuous feeding, continuous carbonization, and continuous carbon output, breaking the problem that traditional carbonization equipment cannot be continuously carbonized, and greatly improving production efficiency.

2. High degree of intelligence

This equipment adopts an intelligent control system, which saves labor, and has taken a leap forward from the original hand-crafted workshop to a high-efficiency, automated, and intelligent development.

3. Low carbon and environmental protection

The carbonization furnace has professional smoke removal equipment during the working process, which will not pollute the internal environment of the factory. After burning, there is less residual ash, using liquefied gas and combustible gas to generate heat, without cutting trees, and protecting the environment.

4. Automatic collection of by-products

In the carbonization process, the equipment can automatically collect tar, wood vinegar, and combustible gas, realizing the efficient and comprehensive utilization of renewable energy.

5. Advantages of finished products

The finished product does not contain chemical substances, is non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free. In addition, the finished product has low water content, within 5%, and a long burning time.

FAQs of continuous carbonization furnace

What is the heating source of the sawdust charcoal-making machine?

The source of heat is liquefied gas. Only 15-20kg of liquefied gas is needed for one round, and combustible gas will be produced after 1-1.5 hours of combustion. The subsequent production process no longer needs liquefied gas, so customers are advised to use LPG as the source of heat.

Is the material that can be carbonized by the carbonization furnace only biomass raw materials?

In addition to biomass, the continuous carbonization furnace can process raw materials such as tin foil, aluminum foil, cans, household garbage, plastics, electronic waste, etc., but the size cannot exceed ten centimeters.

What are the advantages of our continuous carbonization furnace compared with other manufacturers?

The combustion pool is 3 times others’, and the stove is all stainless steel.
We use automatic electric ignition, and others use artificial ignition.
Our fan is a water-cooled stainless steel fan, and theirs is an ordinary fan.
Our combustion system is direct combustion, which means that the tar produced is burned directly without pollution.

How much space do I need to use a continuous carbonization furnace?

A device needs about 250-300 square meters of space, the width cannot be less than 10 meters, and the length is 22 meters.
One piece of equipment requires 3 workers to operate.

How to do charcoal briquettes production?

The carbonized charcoal can be ground into charcoal powder, and then mixed with a certain proportion of binder. WOOD machinery provides different equipment to make charcoal in various shapes.

Rotary shisha charcoal machine

Using shisha charcoal machine to make square and round shisha charcoal. The size, pattern and shape of hookah charcoal can all be customized.


This honeycomb coal briquette machine can extrude charcoal powder into honeycomb or charcoal bricks.


The charcoal extruder machine processes the charcoal powder into regular long sticks, which can be used as heating fuel.


The BBQ charcoal briquette machine can be used to extrude charcoal powder into spherical, square or pillow-shaped charcoal briquettes

Loading and delivery of sawdust charcoal making machine

A customer in Ghana ordered a WD-CF1000 continuous carbonization furnace with an output of 800-1000kg/h from our carbon machine factory.

Due to the high demand for local barbecue charcoal, the customer wanted to invest in a piece of professional carbonization equipment. He would like to begin his own charcoal business such as charcoal production and sale.


Embarking on the journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, the Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine stands as the key ally for your business success. Now is the time to elevate your carbonization processes to new heights!

Are you eager to learn more about the advanced features of our equipment and how the Continuous Carbonization Furnace can enhance your carbonization efficiency, cut costs, and maximize output? Don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us! We are ready to provide you with personalized solutions, ensuring that your production processes reach new levels of excellence.