WD-SB 50 Sawdust Briquette Maker shipped to Bolivia in 2022

Congratulations! We shipped a WD-SB sawdust briquette maker machine to Bolivia in 2022. We will introduce the successful case following, if you are interested in the sawdust briquette-making machine, please leave your messages on our website.

Information of sawdust briquette machine sent to Bolivia

Model: WD-SB 50

Power: 18.5kw

Capacity: 300kg per hour

Dimension: 1.7*0,7*1.4m

Weight: 650kg

One sawdust briquette maker machine is equipped with 3 heating coils. The customer’s region is different from China’s, so the voltage needs to be changed. In addition, since the spiral and the heating ring are wearable parts with a high consumption rate, we sent the customer an extra brand-new spiral and a new heating ring.

Why did customer in Bolivia need a wood shavings briquette maker?

The customer from Bolivia has his own wood processing plant and he is mainly engaged in the lumber business. Because the process of processing lumber produces some wood chips and wood shavings. In order to make use of the waste, the customer wants to process these scraps and start other projects, such as making biomass briquettes.

Deliver the sawdust briquette maker to Bolivia in 2022

WOOD Machinery has delivered the sawdust briquette maker machine to Bolivia last month. The sawdust briquette machine was carefully packed by our department before delivery. And photos and a video of the delivery were taken for this customer. Linda, the sals manager, will keep the customer updated on the shipment progress.