Charcoal Wheel Grinding Mill | Charcoal Powder Mixer

Model WD-CG1
Diameter (mm) 1000
Feeding amount(Kg/h) 110
Mix time( min) 3-8
Speed(r/min) 41
Power(kw) 5.5
Capacity(t/h) 1.5-2.5

The charcoal wheel grinding mill, also known as the charcoal powder mix, is the auxiliary machine of the charcoal briquette plant and is the primary processing equipment of the charcoal production line. It is used to mix and press charcoal powder, binder and water so that materials with a small specific gravity can be fully integrated. Because the density of the material is increased so that the material can be better formed after entering the hookah charcoal machine. It is a necessary device for hookah charcoal production lines and various types of charcoal production lines.

Charcoal wheel grinding mill 1
Charcoal Powder Mixer

Why is charcoal powder mixer so important?

The charcoal grinder is one of the important auxiliary equipment for the barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal production line. To make high-quality finished charcoal, pre-mixing and pressing the charcoal powder is an indispensable step.

Firstly, simple manual stirring has low efficiency, a large amount of engineering and low pressure, which cannot effectively remove the air between the material particles and increase the density of charcoal powder. Secondly, if the mixture is not fine, the moisture and binder cannot be fully mixed with the charcoal powder, and the subsequent hookah charcoal will not work well, which will affect the use effect.

Working principle of charcoal grinder

The charcoal powder, binder, and water are mixed into the mill, and the mixing of the materials is completed in about 20 minutes after the mill wheels press the material evenly. The mixed material will be discharged from the discharge port. During the mixing process, there are both stirring and extrusion functions. First, the air between the material particles can be better removed, and the density of the charcoal powder can be increased. Secondly, the moisture content of the mixed mud material is uniform, the surface of the particles is fully wetted, and the final mixing effect is good.

Charcoal powder mixer details feature


The material of rollers is hard, high acid and alkali resistance, and wear resistance, so the service life is relatively long.

Charcoal grinder motor

We use pure copper motor, which has sufficient power and can only be replaced but not repaired during the warranty period.

Advantages of charcoal wheel grinder mill

  • The use of a charcoal grinder can make the charcoal powder, water and binder mix more evenly, saving the fusion time of the materials;
  • The charcoal powder mixer can save a lot of manpower and finished products. Generally, the output of forming charcoal in a factory is very large. It is a time-saving and labor-saving choice to replace manpower with machines.
  • After the material is initially processed into the hookah charcoal machine or ball press, the wear of the vulnerable parts of the machine can also be reduced, and the service life of the machine can be prolonged.

Parameters of powder mixer

Diameter (mm)10001200150016001800200025003000
Feeding amount(Kg/h)110150350035055090017002000
Mix time( min)3-83-53-53-53-52-52-52-5

Using precautions of charcoal grinder

  • Turn on the charcoal grinder first and then unload the material;
  • Do not add too much material, and the height in the barrel cannot exceed one-half of the height of the roller;
  • The mixing time is 10-15 minutes. When the material is stirred until the material becomes lumpy, it indicates that the material and the binder are fully integrated, and the discharge port can be opened to discharge the material. After the material is discharged, the next batch can be stirred.

Charcoal grinder application in production line

Shisha charcoal production line

Shisha charcoal production steps mainly include: carbonizing raw materials — crushing carbonized materials — mixing charcoal powder, water and adhesive — hookah coal forming — drying — packaging.

Rotary shisha charcoal machine

The hookah charcoal machine uses finely grounded charcoal to make hookah charcoal blocks.

BBQ charcoal briquette project

The barbecue charcoal production line is an automated barbecue briquettes processing line independently designed by the WOOD factory. The BBQ charcoal briquette project mainly includes a carbonization furnace, a charcoal crusher, screw conveyors, a charcoal grinder, a charcoal forming machine, a briquette dryer, and a barbecue charcoal packaging machine.


The charcoal press machine is the independent equipment of the whole production line. The quality of that will decide the charcoal balls’ quality.

Charcoal wheel grinding mill in stock

Our charcoal grinders are in sufficient stock. You are welcome to consult and purchase at any time. Our sales manager will select the appropriate model and send quotation for you as soon as possible after receiving your inquiry.

Loading and delivery of charcoal grinder

A customer in Malaysia purchased a machine for his shisha charcoal processing plant, which is now in use, and the customer reported that the machine increased the density of the raw material, allowing the produced shisha charcoal to burn longer.