Coal briquette press machine in Turkey

As advocates for sustainable development, we are proud to announce the recent sale of our Coal Briquette Press Machine to a large chain of barbecue restaurants in Turkey.

This collaboration not only signifies a significant step forward in our green energy initiatives but also a proactive contribution to the global green barbecue revolution.

Customer Requirement:

The Turkish chain of barbecue restaurants has been committed to reducing carbon emissions and adopting more environmentally friendly practices.

Automatic coal briquette machine
Automatic Coal Briquette Machine

They urgently needed a clean energy alternative to traditional charcoal and sought our assistance in obtaining an efficient, sustainable coal briquette press machine to integrate into their barbecue production process.


After thorough communication and understanding of the customer’s needs, we provided this Turkish chain of barbecue restaurants with our most advanced Coal Briquette Press Machine.

This machine not only transforms various raw materials into high-quality charcoal briquettes but also reduces adverse environmental impacts while maintaining high production efficiency.

By using our machine, the customer can achieve the production and utilization of green energy, contributing to the cause of environmentally friendly barbecue.

Outcomes and Benefits:

Coal briquette press machine for sale
Coal Briquette Press Machine For Sale

Since the introduction of our coal briquette press machine, the Turkish chain of barbecue restaurants has achieved significant outcomes and benefits.

Firstly, their barbecue production process has become more efficient, with a substantial increase in production speed and a significant reduction in production costs.

Secondly, by using environmentally friendly clean energy, the quality of their barbecue food has improved, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Most importantly, they have made a positive contribution to the environmental cause, shaping a sustainable corporate image, and gaining recognition and support from more consumers.


As a supplier, we are honored to have the opportunity to provide the coal briquette press machine to the Turkish chain of barbecue restaurants.

We will continue to uphold the principles of innovation and sustainable development, providing efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to more businesses, and working together to achieve the goal of the global green barbecue revolution.