Sawdust Block Making Machine Sent to Ecuador Successfully in 2022

A complete sawdust pallet block production line shipped to Ecuador successfully last week. The customers in Ecuador will use the sawdust block making machine to produce wood blocks. We will update the installation information later.

Information of cooperation with customers in Ecuador

The customer from Ecuador is in the wood business and they have a wood processing plant in the area. The plant has a large number of wood chips, splinters, etc. that need to be processed, and they want to reuse these materials to make wood blocks, which they use for pallet foot piers. This way they can get extra revenue.

The customer saw our website and contacted Crystal, the sales manager, who greeted him very warmly. After learning about the machines he wanted, Crystal recommended the sawdust wood block production line he needed, and then she sent the customer many pictures of the machines and how to use them, including detailed instructions for making each machine.

In order to communicate more visually, Crystal designed drawings for the customer based on his factory dimensions. Crystal’s professional knowledge and enthusiastic attitude made the customer trust us very much.

Machine details of sawdust pallet block production line sent to Ecuador

Wood branch chipperModel: WD-380
Horse power:32HP
Roller diameter:300mm
Feeding inlet size:300*200mm
Max wood’s diameter:10cm Capacity:1 t per hour
Machine dimension:2300*1300*1800mm
Function: crush wood branches and small logs into wood chips
Hammer mill machineModel: WD-600
Capacity:700-800kg per hour
Including 5 bags of dust removal air-lock, control cabinet and cyclone
Function: crush wood chips into sawdust less than 1cm
Rotary dryer machineModel: WD-800
Fan power:5.5kw
Length of drum:8m
(depends on the moisture of
Capacity:1500kg per hour
Need to add 20% Urea formaldehyde resin glue
Function:mix sawdust with glue
Sawdust block making machineCapacity:4-5 m3/24h
Temperature control method: PID power regulation and voltage regulation control
Dimension: 48007601300mm
Including two manual cutter
Final size:100*90mm

Load and delivery of sawdust block making machine

Review of this customer on our sawdust block making machine

Our customer trusted our sales manager Crystal a lot, and he was also very satisfied with her professionalism.

Review of customer
Review Of Customer

All in all, the sawdust pallet block production line is a good choice. Firstly, the customer has a sufficient budget. Second, this wood block processing plant is customized to fit the customer’s factory area. If you are interested in sawdust block making machine and this kind of production line, please contact Shuliy now.