Horizontal carbonization furnace shipped to Germany

Our horizontal carbonization furnace recently achieved remarkable success in Germany, providing our customer with outstanding carbonization solutions and driving innovation in the biomass energy sector. Here are the key highlights of the significant results obtained in this delivery and customer feedback:


Our German client is a company dedicated to biomass energy, seeking an advanced horizontal carbonization furnace to process various raw materials such as bamboo, logs, biomass sticks made by the sawdust briquette machine, coconut shells, and other relatively large materials. Their goal was to achieve a more efficient carbonization process, reduce waste smoke emissions, and improve the quality of carbonization products.

Horizontal carbonization furnace
Horizontal Carbonization Furnace


We provided the client with our advanced horizontal carbonization furnace, employing a horizontal manufacturing process with a double-layer structure inside. The interlayer is filled with lightweight high-temperature insulation material to maintain the furnace temperature. The furnace has excellent sealing, with the furnace door sealed with high-temperature rock wool, ensuring no air enters and thereby increasing the charcoal output rate.

Key Features and Advantages:

  1. Insulation Design with Insulation Materials: Utilizing a horizontal manufacturing process, the carbonization furnace includes lightweight high-temperature insulation material, ensuring efficient temperature maintenance and higher carbonization efficiency.
  2. Superior Sealing: The furnace door, sealed with high-temperature rock wool, prevents the entry of air, significantly increasing the charcoal output rate compared to conventional carbonization furnaces.
  3. Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly: During the carbonization process, the generated combustible gas is redirected to the combustion zone for secondary ignition and heating through the pipes of the carbonizing stoves, creating a more environmentally friendly process and saving fuel.
  4. Convenient Feeding and Unloading: Equipped with rails and carts, the horizontal carbonizing furnace makes full use of the furnace space, providing convenience in usage and reducing the labor intensity of workers.
Industrial horizontal carbonization furnace
Industrial Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

Customer Feedback:

Our German client is highly satisfied with our horizontal carbonization furnace, particularly appreciating its efficient sealing, excellent insulation design, and environmentally friendly and energy-saving features. They emphasized the significant impact of applying this advanced technology on their production efficiency and environmental goals.

Through this case, we once again demonstrate the exceptional performance and multifunctional application of the horizontal carbonization furnace in the biomass energy sector, providing reliable carbonization solutions for our customers. We will continue to strive for improvement and innovation, offering more advanced and sustainable carbonization technology to global clients.