Mineral Powder Briquetting Line | Charcoal Ball Press Machine

Mineral powder briquetting line
mineral powder briquetting line

The mineral powder briquetting line is mainly used for the briquetting process of various ore powders, waste from steelmaking or metallurgical industry, charcoal powder, sludge, steel slag, etc. The whole production line mainly includes crushers, wheel grinding mill, forming machine, and dryer. The charcoal briquette machine compresses the mineral dust into blocks and reuses them, which reduces the waste of resources and saves energy cost. Therefore, the mineral powder forming line is welcomed by many people in the industry.

Raw materials of mineral powder briquetting line

The raw materials of the mineral powder briquetting line include charcoal powder and various mineral powders. Charcoal powder is made by carbonizing logs, coconut shells, etc. Mineral powder generally refers to the powder obtained after processing the mined ores. Common mineral powders include iron ore powder, manganese ore, chrome ore, silica, bauxite, fluorite, magnesite, dolomite, limestone, quicklime, copper ore, etc.

Mineral powder briquetting line
mineral powder

Preparation before ore powder molding

Grind materials into powder

Obtaining powder with small particles is the first thing we need to do in the mineral forming process. A pulverizer is required to grind raw materials. A hammer mill can crush charcoal blocks into fine grounded charcoal powder. And a compound crusher will deal with many kinds of mineral materials.

Prepare binder and water

Mineral powder is more difficult to briquette than other materials because of its low plasticity, and we need high pressure and evenly distributed binders to press them into balls. Before molding, Using a wheel grinding machine to mix the mineral powder with water and binder evenly is very important. This step will help you make high-quality briquettes. Different mineral powder needs to use different binders to obtain a better mixing effect. WOOD Machinery can match your ingredients with the most suitable adhesive.

mixing and-pressing

Choose suitable mineral briquetting machine

The high pressure of the charcoal briquetting machine turns the mineral powder into high-density charcoal balls. This is the most important step of the mineral powder briquetting line. Generally speaking, the larger the model, the higher the pressure, and the higher the density of the finished product. Because different raw materials require different pressures, customers can choose the appropriate pressure machine according to the characteristics of their own raw materials.

Charcoal ball press machine
charcoal ball press machine

Equiped dryers of mineral powder briquetting line

Drying removes excess moisture from the mineral balls. If they are not dried and packaged directly, it will affect the combustion effect. There are two kinds of drying equipment sold by WOOD Machinery: drying room and mesh belt dryer. The briquettes made by briquetting machine are placed on the rack in the drying room and dried with hot air circulation. The mesh belt dryer adopts multi-layer stainless steel or carbon steel mesh belt drive to drive hot air to achieve drying.

Pakaging machine of charcoal powder forming process

A quantitative packaging machine is used for packaging regular-shaped charcoal balls and mineral briquettes. Weight can be set according to customers’ demands. After packaging, they can be sold directly.

Packing machine
packing machine

Necessity of charcoal ball press machine

On the one hand, the ore powder briquetting production line can shape the waste material in the process of metallurgy and iron smelting. It can realize waste utilization and save energy. At present, most of the powder materials in the metallurgical industry are discarded, resulting in a great waste of mineral resources. As energy becomes increasingly scarce, mineral ball press machines are becoming more and more popular in the market.

Mineral powder briquettes
mineral powder briquettes

On the other hand, the produced briquettes have a uniform particle size, stable composition, and better smelting characteristics. When the original unformed materials turn into regular briquettes, they are much easier to facilitate transportation. The mineral powder briquetting machine can save space after compressing the mineral powder into blocks so that the same space can be more fully utilized.

Application of mineral powder ball

Mineral powder balls can be used for blast furnace ironmaking. The iron ore powder is mixed with a certain binder to form a spherical shape after high temperature baking and then into the blast furnace. In this way, the air permeability of the blast furnace is better, and the pH of the blast furnace can be adjusted.

After the concentrated powder and limestone powder are mixed evenly, they are rolled or pressed into green balls with a diameter of 10-30mm, and dried in a dryer to consolidate the particles. This kind of mineral powder ball has uniform particle size, good air permeability and reducibility. However, the temperature control for pellet firing is stricter than that for sintering. Mineral powder balls also require fine particle size of raw materials and low moisture content of mineral powder.

Measures to improve the quality of iron powder

There is much crushing equipment for ore. Some manufacturers choose low-priced crushers for cheap. According to the shortcomings of the manufacturers, the consumption and replacement of hammer heads and linings in the crusher are frequent, the output per hour is low, and the power consumption is high. , Maintenance is difficult, time is long, and equipment operation rate is low.

If the manufacturer adopts advanced technology and a professional crusher in the crushing and grinding process, it can save a lot of electricity and material consumption, and at the same time obtain the ideal ore powder.

Sales services of mineral powder briquetting line

  • Pre-sales service: Provide you with project planning, process design, and develop a set of equipment that suits you; design and manufacture the mineral powder briquetting line according to your special needs, and provide training for your technical operation.
  • In-sale service: Precise production equipment, and accompany our customer to complete the acceptance of the equipment, assist in the preparation of the installation plan, and detailed process.
  • Our company will be sent technicians to the customers’ site to guide the installation of equipment, commission the coal briquette making machine to normal production, and train the operators for use and maintenance.