Shisha Charcoal Machine | Hookah Charcoal Briquette Machine

Model WD-MS
Power 7.5kw
Capacity 300kg/h
Dimension 1.7*1.5*1.2m
Weight 1500kg

Shisha charcoal machine is mainly used for hookah charcoal briquettes pressing. Because of the different molds, the charcoal powder can be pressed into many different shapes like squares, rings, circles, triangles, and other geometric shapes. WOOD machinery mainly produces 3 types of hookah charcoal machines, which are mechanical type shisha charcoal press machine, hydraulic type shisha charcoal press maker, and stainless-steel type cubic shisha charcoal machine. Each type of them has its own advantages.

What is hookah charcoal briquette?

The hookah that people like to smoke is to use a heat source to heat the shredded tobacco to produce smoke and then smoke through a set of hookahs. The hookah charcoal we are talking about is the heat source used to heat cut tobacco.
Arabian hookah charcoal is refined from charcoal powder and shisha charcoal machine, which can burn at one point and is durable.
Most of the hookah charcoal on the market is made of coconut shells and fruitwood. Unlike other ordinary biomass charcoal, hookah must be smokeless, odorless, low in ash and long burning time.

Shisha charcoal briquette
Shisha Charcoal Briquette

What are the raw materials of shisha charcoal machine?

As we all know, there are many materials that are very suitable to make charcoal, such as husk, waste wood leftovers, branches, stalks, nutshells, and so on. However, the material to make hookah is much stricter, because of the high-quality requirement. Therefore, coconut, bamboo, orangewood, lemonwood, and other fruitwood are the best raw materials for charcoal. After they are carbonized by carbonization furnace, use a charcoal crusher to grind them into charcoal powder, mix some binder and water then stir them well, at this time, they are ready to be sent into the hookah charcoal making machine.

Shisha charcoal briquettes
Shisha Charcoal Machine | Hookah Charcoal Briquette Machine 23

Hookah coal makers of WOOD Machinery

In our company, we provide various kinds of hookah charcoal briquette machines, including mechanical shisha coal maker, hydraulic shisha charcoal machine, and stainless steel hookah coal maker. Recently, we designed and developed the latest rotary shisha charcoal machine, this article will mainly introduce the first three ones.

Mechanical shisha charcoal machine

Brief introduction of mechanical shisha coal maker

This waterpipe charcoal machine uses the pressure generated by mechanical power to squeeze the carbon block into a specific shape. The operation of the hookah charcoal press is very simple, the extrusion die of the hookah charcoal press can be replaced, and various shapes of hookah charcoal blocks can be processed. The shape of hookah briquettes can be a cube, diamond, ring, triangle, disc, etc. You can also engrave the user’s company name, brand name, logo, etc. on the charcoal.

Structures of hookah charcoal briquette machine

This mechanical hookah charcoal tablet press can press hookah charcoal up and down through mechanical movement. It includes the main body, the motor, the feed chamber, the mold, and the discharge conveyor belt.

Parameters of hookah coal maker


For example, if the product is of cubic shape, the capacity is 15 pieces/time,20 times /min. If the shisha briquette is of round shape, the capacity is 14 pieces/times, 22 times/min.

Finished product display

Hydraulic hookah charcoal briquette machine

Raw materials of the hookah coal maker

The raw material is charcoal powder, and the binder and water are added in a certain proportion. Due to the high pressure of the machine, sawdust can also be pressed, but some wax should be added as a binder.

Main structures of hydraulic shisha charcoal machine

The main structure of the charcoal tablet press includes the frame, the motor, the hydraulic system, the PLC console, the mold, and the conveyor belt.

Plc console of shisha charcoal machine

PLC console is used to adjust the speed of making shisha charcoal, the thickness of shisha charcoal and other parameters, etc.

With it, the degree of automation is greatly improved, and only one person is required to operate the machine, which saves labor costs.

The hydraulic cylinder is used to provide high pressure and help shisha charcoal increase its density. Only enough pressure can make the hookah charcoal not brittle and of high quality.

Hydraulic-cylinder hookah coal maker
Induction probe of hookah charcoal briquette machine

The induction probe is used to control the thickness of the finished shisha charcoal.

Different molds can press different shapes of hookah charcoal, the common shapes are square and round. We can also customize molds according to customer requirements.


Hydraulic shisha charcoal machine pictures

Parameters of shisha charcoal machine

TypePowerWeightPressureCapacity Dimension
WD-HS15kw2.8t100tround: 42 pcs/per time,4 times/minute
square: 44pcs/per time,4 times/minute
host: 850**2000*2100mm

Stainless steel hookah coal maker

Introduction of stainless steel hookah coal maker

The whole body of this shisha charcoal machine is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust and has a long service life. The pressure of the machine is large, the density of the finished product is large, and the output is large. The hydraulic pump is integrated with the body, which can save space.

Structures of hookah charcoal briquette machine

This new type of hookah briquettes machine is also a piece of hydraulic equipment. The body is made of stainless steel. Its main structure includes a feed hopper, hydraulic cylinder, PRC control panel and extrusion system. The extrusion system of the briquetting equipment is mainly an upper and lower die structure. If the customer wants to process hookah charcoal of different shapes, it can be realized by changing the molds of different shapes.

Hookah charcoal maker details

Pressing part of the machine

The upper die part will be pressed down during the working process, the pressure is above 80 tons, and the pressed hookah charcoal is very hard.

Molds 1

The lower mold part is responsible for pushing out the pressed hookah charcoal during the working process, and the transmission system will transmit the charcoal block out without manual labor and a high degree of automation.


The brush automatically cleans the residual charcoal powder to keep the mold of the machine clean.

Video of stainless steel hookah coal maker

The video shows the processing of cubic briquettes in the factory.

Round shisha charcoal briquettes production process.

Parameters of shisha charcoal machine

Pressure: 80tons, 100tons

Voltage: 380V





ModelSize of the moldsNumber of punching onceNumber of punches per minute
WD-SS12cm*2cm*2cm cube903
WD-SS22.5cm*2.5cm*2.5cm cube803
WD-SS3Diameter 3cm round723
WD-SS4Diameter 3.3cm round563
WD-SS5Diameter 4cm round423