Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machine | Charcoal Press Machine

Model WD-HC120
Power 5.5kw
Maximum diameter of charcoal 120mm
Capacity 45 Pcs/time

Honeycomb coal briquette machine is also called honeycomb charcoal press machine.It is a briquette machine equipment that crushes raw coal or sieving coal powder and coke powder, adding additives in a certain proportion, and punching it into a briquette shape. Various shapes can be made by changing molds of different shapes. It greatly expands the functions of the briquettes machine and is favored by the majority of users. It is an ideal briquettes machine product for entrepreneurs.WOOD Machinery provides a complete charcoal production line for our customers, if interested, welcome to consult us anytime.

Raw materials of honeycomb briquette press machine

The raw material of briquette is charcoal powder, coal powder and clay. On the one hand, clay can act as a binder, and the briquette is not easy to disperse after burning. On the other hand, adding loess can increase the profit of the finished product. Moreover, the grass powder and saedust can also be press into honeycomb.

Raw materials of honeycomb briquetting machine
Raw Materials Of Honeycomb Briquetting Machine

Products display of honeycomb coal briquette machine

Honeycomb coal briquettes are mainly used for home fire and heating. The production diameter of the briquettes is from 12 cm to 16 cm. The honeycomb coal briquette machine can easily exchange molds. The functions of the briquettes machine can be greatly expanded by replacing the molds of different shapes, which are very popular among users.

Honeycomb coal briquettes of many shapes
Honeycomb Coal Briquettes Of Many Shapes
Honeycomb coal display
Honeycomb Coal Display
Hexagonal coal
Hexagonal Coal

Working video of briquette machine

Structures of honeycomb coal briquette machine

The structure of the honeycomb coal machine is simple, all parts cooperate with each other, and the operation is coordinated and stable. The honeycomb coal machine has a simple structure and is divided into five parts: body, transmission, feeding, punching and conveying.

  • Body part: It is composed of a platen and a base as the skeleton entity of the machine.
  • Transmission part: It is composed of motor, belt pulley, gear, transmission shaft and other components. The motor drives the pulley to rotate the gear shaft and transmits it to the drive shaft through two gears.
  • Feeding part: It is composed of rotating shaft, hopper, and agitator. It is driven by axial gear to stir the coal into the mold cylinder.
  • The stamping part is mainly composed of four sliding rods, sliding beams, punches, punch seats, punches, movable pressure plates, movable die bottoms, and springs.
  • The conveying part is composed of a conveying frame, a belt pulley, a bracket and a conveying belt. The conveyor belt rotates randomly to send the coal formed out of the machine body, and the adjustable screws on the conveyor frame can adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.

Working principle of briquette machine

The working principle of the machine is that the motor or diesel engine drives the belt pulley to drive the rocker arm of the machine, and the mold is placed on the mold plate to enter the first punching needle pre-compression and the second punching needle forming. The power mode of the machine can be an electric motor and diesel engine.

Features of honeycomb coal briquette machine

  • The honeycomb briquettes are pre-compressed and then formed. The finished product has high density and is not easy to crack.
  • The machine is of good quality, is not easily damaged, has no accessories, is very convenient to maintain the machine, and has a long service life. The point of maintenance is very simple, adding butter to the internal gears of the conveyor belt and adding oil to the bearings once a week. Then add oil again for 10 days and 15 days for maintenance.

Honeycomb coal press machine factory stock

Honeycomb coal briquette machines in factory
Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machines In Factory
Honeycomb charcoal briquette machine
Honeycomb Charcoal Briquette Machine

Parameters of honeycomb charcoal press machine

ModelPowerMaximum diameter of charcoalCapacity
WD-HC1205.5kw120mm45 Pcs/time
WD-HC1407.5kw140mm45 Pcs/time
WD-HC16011kw160mm45 Pcs/time
WD-HC22011kw220mm45 Pcs/time

The model is named after the maximum diameter of charcoal. For example, the machine whose products’ diameter is 120mm, so that type is called WD-HC 120.

Customer case of honeycomb charcoal briquette machine

Customers in Indonesia intend to invest in a small charcoal plant, in order to diversify their products. They chose our briquettes machine, the model is WD-HC120, the output is small and the risk is small, which is very suitable for their initial investment.