Portable Lumber Sawmill | Small Mobile Sawmilling

Model WD-300
Max sawing wood length 4000mm
Max sawing wood diameter 3000mm
Motor power 7.5KW*2
Dimension 8000X1600X1600mm

Sawmill series is a portable wood processing equipment specially designed for wood processing plants, farmers, and furniture factories. The portable lumber sawmill is to saw logs into boards. The processed boards have uniform thickness and are suitable for processing logs of various diameters. It can meet the daily needs of most wood processing plants. The wood boards can be processed into wood chips or wood shavings. They can also be sold to furniture factories and processing plants.

Classification of lumber saws

In order to meet the needs of different customers, WOOD machinery has developed and produced three different portable lumber sawmills, which are small sliding table saws, vertical band saws and horizontal band saw. Welcome to consult us or leave your question on our website.

Raw materials of portable lumber sawmill

Portable lumber sawmills are suitable for most woods on the market, such as pine, eucalyptus, poplar, etc. They are also suitable for the opening of square wood. The wood mobile saw is a piece of necessary cutting equipment for furniture factories and wood processing factories. There will be some differences in the size of wood processed by different wood saws. For details, please refer to the parameter table.

Small log sliding table saws

Small sliding table saws
Small Sliding Table Saws

Wood sliding table saw introduction

The lumber table saw is one of high-quality equipment for wood processing, which adopts a large diameter alloy saw blade, which is suitable for all kinds of wood such as new and old hardwood, square wood, round wood, and so on. The sliding table saw is easy to operate, and simple daily maintenance can ensure that the processed products are smooth and flat.

Features of mobile saws

  • The portable lumber sawmill is small in size and easy to move.
  • The lumber saw is formed in one piece, no installation is required, and customers will not have installation troubles.
  • The portable lumber sawmill can be additionally equipped with an infrared device, which can cut the log straighter.
  • The thickness of the small sliding table can be adjusted to meet the needs of different sizes.
  • It is an ideal product for the log processing industry at home and abroad for simple operation and high production efficiency,

Details of sliding table saws

Sharp saw blades

The two saw blades are made of ultra-thin alloy material with high toughness and long service life.

The edge of the saw blades is very sharp and makes little noise when cutting wood.

Adjustment wheel

The adjustment wheel is ergonomic, Rotate the adjustment wheel, you can adjust the thickness of the wood chips easily.

Motor of the saw

The motor of portable lumber sawmill rotates fast and has a long service life, which will help the lumber sawmill run more smoothly.

Parameters of sliding table saws

Max sawing wood length4000mm4000mm4000mm
Max sawing wood diameter3000mm4000mm5000mm
Motor power7.5KW*211+7.5kw11KW*2
Dimension8000X1600X1600mm 8000X1600X1600mm 8000X1600X1600mm

The portable lumber sawmill models are named according to the diameter of the wood that can be processed, the larger the model, the larger the diameter of the wood that can be processed.
The sliding table saws are equipped with two motors, which control two alloys saw blades respectively. The larger the model, the greater the power of the saw blade.

Video of mobile sliding table saws

Vertical log band saw

Brief discription

This vertical lumber sawmill is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized logs with large output. It can saw logs into boards of different specifications. It has high production efficiency and stable work. It is used in conjunction with moving rails. It can be moved back and forth on the rail through the device for loading wood. Save manpower, improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality.

Vertical band saw structure

The vertical portable lumber sawmill is used in conjunction with the moving track. The wood-loading device moves back and forth on the track. The moving speed is set by electric or numerical control, and there is an automatic wood turning device, which saves a lot of manpower. There is a device for fixing wood on the movable shelf, and there are three choices of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic.

Features of vertical band saw


Steel wheels of portable lumber sawmill are more durable and wear-resistant than ordinary materials.

Log band saw

The saw blade is wrapped with a high-quality shield, which can protect the band saw from dust and water. Meanwhile, it can also protect the safety of the staff.

Band saw

The saw blade is made of alloy, which is sharp and wear-resistant, and the cut wood is flat and smooth.

Vertical band saw precautions for use

What should we pay attention to in the process of using wood sawmills? How to extend the service life of woodworking band saw machines? WOOD Machinery will bring you some precautions for use. For example, the saw blade of the vertical log saw will become dull after a period of use, and the work efficiency will decrease. At this time, the saw blade needs to be sharpened again with the help of a gear grinder. After grinding 4 to 5 times, the saw blade will become very thin and cannot be used continuously, and a new saw blade needs to be replaced in time.

Parameters of vertical band saw

Saw wheel diameter1600mm1250mm
Max sawing wood diameter800mm1000mm
Motor power30KW45KW
Sawing thickness setting CNC CNC
wood clamping modelElectricHydraulic
Max sawing wood length4000mm6000mm
The length of the track10M18M

Video of vertical lumber band sawmill

Horizontal lumber sawmilling

Horizontal lumber saw indroduction

The horizontal woodworking band saw machine is a device with a saw blade that moves back and forth, and the wood is fixed. It is generally suitable for very large and inconvenient lifting wood, or the diameter of the log exceeds 1.5 meters, reaching a size of two meters. wood. Horizontal band saws are highly automated and easy to install, suitable for large wood processing plants.

Horizontal lumber saw
Horizontal Portable Lumber Sawmill

Structure of horizontal mobile saw

Precautions of horizontal log sawmill

It should be noted that we must control the accuracy of the saw blade and adjust the tightness of the saw blade so as not to cause it to shake up and down, which will affect the accuracy and precision of the tree. We must ensure that each wood board is straight and smooth.

Parameters of mobile saw

Saw wheel diameter1000mm1070mm
Max sawing wood diameter1500mm2500mm
Motor power37KW55KW
Sawing thickness setting350mm450mm
Max sawing wood length6000mm6000mm

The horizontal band saw can cut large wood with a maximum diameter of 2500mm, which is the largest of the three types of saws.

Video of horizontal log sawmill