Coal Briquettes Production Line | Coal Powder Forming Line

Coal briquettes production line
Coal Briquettes Production Line

The coal briquettes production line is a series of processes for pressing pulverized coal into spherical or pillow-like briquettes. The equipment of the coal powder forming line includes a coal pulverizer, double shaft mixer, coal ball pressing machine, dryer and packaging machine. The briquettes produced can be widely used in domestic and industrial applications. WOOD Machinery can customize machines and adhesives according to the different needs of customers, and can also adjust and customize the machines of the production line.

Raw material of coal briquettes production line

The raw material of the coal briquettes production line is coal, then grind the coal into finely grounded coal powder. Before forming, the pulverized coal needs to be mixed with the binder and water according to a certain ratio, which can increase the viscosity of the briquettes and help the pulverized coal to form better.

Raw materials1
transformation process of coal

Main steps of coal powder forming line


Coal crusher

Step 1: Grinding

A compound crusher is suitable for building materials, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries. It is usually used to crush limestone, coal and other ores. In this coal briquettes production line, it pulverizes coal into fine pulverized coal, which is then fed through a belt conveyor into a double-shaft mixer.

Double-shaft mixer

Step 2: Mixing

In this step, mix pulverized coal powder, binder and water together. Put those three ingredients into a double-shaft mixer in a certain proportion to mix.

Charcoal ball press machine

Step 3: Forming

The coal ball press machine uses two rollers to press the prepared pulverized coal powder and produces high-density coal briquettes by high pressure. The larger the machine model, the greater the pressure and the greater the output. The briquette can be designed into round, pillow, square, and so on. This machine is widely used in the coal industry and metallurgical industry.

Step 4: Drying

Due to the addition of water and binder, the prepared briquettes will have relatively large moisture, which will affect the combustion effect. Therefore, coal briquettes need to be dried with a dryer to reduce the moisture. WOOD Machinery has two types of dryer, one is a box-type dryer, the other is a mesh belt dryer.

Packing machine

Step 5: Packaging

The dried briquettes can be packaged with a quantitative packaging machine. Set the weight first, and the machine will stop discharging after falling out of the set weight.

Round and pillow coal briquettes application

The coal powder forming line can produce spherical, pillow-shaped, and square coal briquettes can be produced, in general, customers prefer to use spherical and pillow-shaped briquettes considering practicality and price.

Briquette includes civil use briquettes and industrial briquettes. Civil use briquettes refer to coal used in daily life, including cooking, heating, and catering service industries. The production of industrial briquette is relatively complex and has high requirements. It is generally divided into the following categories: gas-forming briquette, boiler briquette, and environmentally friendly briquette.

Turn coal into clean energy

Clean coal is made by processing coal through modern technology, adding some binders and chemical components. The coal briquettes production line can easily complete the whole processing step, operators only need to pour the correct proportions of ingredients into the mixer, and the machine does the rest.

Compared with ordinary coal, the same amount of combustion can greatly reduce the emission of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and dust, which is cleaner in comparison. Every winter is a serious period of air pollution, among which residents’ coal-fired heating is one of the main pollution sources. Promoting the use of clean coal can effectively relieve the heating pressure in winter and build a clean heating system.

Factory machine display of coal powder forming machines

Our factory has sufficient inventory and various models are readily available. If customers have special requirements for the output or shape of the briquettes production line, we can design and customize them.

Successful case of coal briquette production line to Romania

A customer from Romania saw a video of our charcoal ball press machine on YouTube, he clicked to visit our channel and was delighted to see the machine he wanted. Then he consulted our sales manager about related production line, after learning about his demand, we recommended this coal briquette production line to him. Now the whole production line has been shipped to Romania.

Sales services of coal powder forming line

  • Pre-sales service: Provide you with project planning, process design, and develop a set of equipment that suits you; design and manufacture the coal powder forming line according to your special needs, and provide training for your technical operation.
  • In-sale service: Precise production equipment, and accompany our customer to complete the acceptance of the equipment, assist in the preparation of the installation plan, and detailed process.
  • Our company will be sent technicians to the customers’ site to guide the installation of equipment, commission the coal briquette making machine to normal production, and train the operators for use and maintenance.