Charcoal briquette machine shipped to Iraq

In a recent business transaction, we, as a leading supplier of charcoal briquette machines, successfully delivered our machines to the Iraqi market. This business deal marks our expansion into the global market and further solidifies our leading position in the charcoal briquette industry.

In this customer case study, we will delve into our collaboration with the Iraqi client and how our machines met their needs.

Customer Background

Our Iraqi client is a company specializing in charcoal production, committed to providing high-quality charcoal products to the local and international markets.

Charcoal briquette machine for sale
Charcoal Briquette Machine For Sale

With increasing market demand, they realized the need to enhance production efficiency and quality to meet growing customer demands. Hence, they began searching for a reliable supplier of charcoal briquette machines to upgrade their production line and achieve business growth.

Challenges and Objectives

In initial discussions with the client, we learned that their main challenges included low production efficiency and inconsistent charcoal quality.

They sought to find a reliable machine that could increase production capacity and ensure the quality of the produced charcoal met standards. Therefore, their goal was to find a supplier capable of providing high-quality, efficient charcoal briquette machines, along with timely technical support and after-sales service.

Our Solution

Commercial charcoal briquette machine
Commercial Charcoal Briquette Machine

After thorough communication and understanding of the client’s needs, we recommended our latest charcoal briquette machine to them. This machine features advanced production technology and stable performance, capable of achieving efficient charcoal production while ensuring consistent and reliable charcoal quality.

Project Implementation and Results

Upon confirmation of the order, we promptly arranged for the production and delivery of the machine. Our engineering team also traveled to the client’s site for installation, commissioning, and provided operation training and technical guidance.

Through our efforts and support, the client successfully integrated our charcoal briquette machine into their production line and achieved remarkable results.

Outcomes and Feedback

Charcoal briquette machine
Charcoal Briquette Machine With A Good Price

Since using our charcoal briquette machine, the client’s production efficiency has significantly improved, and charcoal quality has also seen a significant improvement. Their products have received positive feedback from the market, and customer orders continue to increase.

The client is highly satisfied with the performance of our machine and after-sales service, expressing willingness for long-term cooperation.


Through this collaboration with the Iraqi client, we have not only expanded our influence in the international market but also further demonstrated our machine’s leading position in the charcoal production industry.


We will continue to strive to provide high-quality products and excellent services, creating greater value for customers and contributing to the development of the charcoal production industry.