Tree debarking equipment shipped to Yemen

One of our company’s recent success cases is a customer from Yemen. He runs a local wood processing plant that handles all kinds of wood and needs to strip the wood and process it into wood products. He looked at our website and wood peeling machine on Google, then he contacted us via Whatsapp to express his interest and want to know the debarking machine price of our tree debarking equipment.

Tree debarking machine testing video for Yemen customer

Tree debarking equipment sent to Yemen

There are numerous benefits to owning our wood debarking machine. For starters, it saves businesses time and effort by removing the bark from logs quickly and efficiently. This means that businesses can move on to the next stage of processing the wood much faster, increasing their productivity and reducing downtime.

Our tree debarking equipment is not only effective but also incredibly adjustable. Businesses can select from a range of choices to customize the device to their unique needs and specifications. This means that by customizing the equipment for their particular situation, they can boost their efficiency even more.

Finally, because our wood debarking machine is energy-efficient, businesses can reduce their energy costs. Businesses in places like Yemen, where energy costs can be considerable, should pay particular attention to this.

Parameters of wood debarking machine sent to Yemen

Model: SL-370
Capacity:10 meters per minute Power:11+2.2kw
Suitable wood diameter:10-35cm Machine size:246014201980mm
Package weight:1500kg
Model: SL-370
Capacity: 10 meters per minute
Power: 11+2.2kw
Suitable wood diameter: 10-35cm
Machine size: 2460*1420*1980mm
Package weight: 1500kg