Wood Block Machine | Pallet Block Press Machine

Model WD-WB100
Total power 15kw
Capacity 4-5 m3/24h
Block density 550-600kg/m3
Dimension 4800*760*1300mm
Weight 1200kg

The wood block machine is mainly used to heat and press wood chips to produce pallet foot blocks. The resulting wood blocks are smooth and flat in appearance and are ideal for making foot piers and legs on wooden pallets. The equipment is simple in structure, easy to operate. Our compressed wood block making machine can be customized in size according to customer needs, and the pressure and density of the woodblocks can also be adjusted.

Wood block making machine
Wood Block Machine
Wood block machine
Wood Block Machine

Raw materials of wood block press machine

The wood pallet block machine uses wood chips, shavings and other materials as raw materials. But these raw materials need to be processed in advance. If the size of the sawdust is larger than 8mm, it must be pulverized by a pulverizer. If the moisture content is greater than 12%, the moisture needs to be dried by a dryer before proceeding to the next step. In order to make the wood chips shape and firm, it is necessary to add 16-20% glue to the wood chips and mix them well with the wood chips. WOOD machinery has designed a whole woodblock production line for you to solve the trouble of matching machines for you.

Structure of wood block making machine

Feeding inlet

Large feeding port is convenient for feeding.

Stiring device

The stirring device makes the material more uniform and the feeding is smoother.

Hydraulic steel rods

Using a hydraulic drive system instead of traditional screw propulsion makes the wood block machine more durable.


The motor rotates fast, which will help the wood pallet block machine runs smoothly.

Export of wooden sticks

The discharge port is sturdy and durable, and the size can be customized.

Advantages of pallet block press machine

  • Most of the raw materials are waste and scrap from the wood processing process, so the final pallet mat is an environmentally friendly product. In line with the concept of sustainable development, it has broad market prospects.
  • The wood blocks produced by the wood block press machine have a smooth surface, waterproof and not easy to crack.
  • The pallet block press machine is simple in structure and easy to operate. The wood chips are extruded at high temperature and then immediately discharged. Workers can produce ideal wood blocks after simple training.

Parameters of wood block machine

Total power15kw
Capacity4-5 m3/24h
Block density550-600kg/m3

The specific output will be slightly different according to different raw materials.

Video of pallet block press machine

Application of wood block machine

Wooden pallet blocks are mainly used in the transportation industry and are an important part of wooden pallets. Wooden pallets can play a very good role in protecting the transported products and are widely used in the packaging and pallet processing of products in logistics, machinery and electronics, ceramic building materials, hardware appliances, precision instruments, mining, steel, ships and other industries. Due to the wide application of wooden pallets, wooden pallet blocks are also essential.

Loading and delivery of wood block making machine