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Machine brand WOOD Machinery
Capacity 0.6-5t/h
Applicable raw materials Wood, grains, charcoal
Warranty 12 months

The hammer mill can process wood, branches, miscellaneous woods, boards, and other raw materials into sawdust at one time. It also used to grind charcoal. It has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, simple structure, and convenient use and maintenance. Besides, the charcoal crushing machine is also suitable for milling corn, coconut shells, sorghum, straw, wheat straw, potato cane, corn stalk, peanut cane, beanstalk, hay, Chinese medicinal materials, coal, quartz stone, charcoal, and coal dry stone, etc. Various sizes of sieving screens are optional to meet your needs for different sizes of sawdust.


Applicable raw materials for charcoal crushing machine

Charcoal crusher is used in a wide range of applications. WOOD Machinery has summarized the following types of common raw materials based on the purchases of our customers in the past.

  1. Wood: The raw materials generally include branches, logs, leftovers of wooden furniture, waste boards, bamboo, corn stalks, hay, coconut shells, peanut shells etc. However, for very large wood, it is generally first processed into wood chips by a drum chipper, and then crushed by a hammer mill. The final sawdust size is about 3mm.

2. Grains: The raw materials in this category are various grains. Such as corn, oats, sorghum, etc. Hammer crushing machine shreds them into fine powder about 1mm. These grain flours can be mixed and shaped to make animal feed.

3. Charcoal: The hammer mill can also pulverize charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, and bamboo charcoal into charcoal powder of about 3 mm, which can be used to make hookah charcoal and barbecue charcoal.

Main structures of charcoal crushing machine

The wood pulverizer mainly consists of feeding hopper, hammer, screen, fan, collecting drum, cyclone dust collector, machine stand, motor, and so on. The hammer, screen, and tooth plate are in the crushing chamber. For different requirements about the size of the sawdust, we supply many types of sieving screens optional based on customers’ actual needs. The common sawdust is 6mm, and the finest sawdust can reach 1mm. The cyclone dust collector is used for dusting. In addition, we support customization solutions if you have specific requirements, welcome to consult us.

How does a hammer crusher work?

After the material enters the crushing chamber evenly at a fine amount through the feed inlet, the wood pulverizer breaks the raw materials by the high-speed rotating hammer. Under the action of the continuous airflow, the broken objects move along the outer edge of the rotor, then go through the sieve hole of the screen, being transported out of the machine. You can add a storage bag or silo according to your needs so as to collect them conveniently.

Usages of final crushing products

  1. The wood sawdust obtained through the machine applies to biomass briquettes making and charcoal making. A biomass briquette machine will press the sawdust into sticks for fuel. Then those wood sticks can be carbonized to charcoal briquettes in a furnace.
  2. Wood sawdust can be used for the production of wood pellets for particleboard, sawdust board and high-density board.
  3. To make livestock feeding material or land fertilizers through milling corn cobs, stalk, and forages.
  4. Paper scraps can be used in paper making recycling
  5. Waste paper scraps can be made into recycling paper.
Coconut bricks for gardening
Coconut Bricks For Gardening, Animal Feed And Nutrient Soil

Advantages of hammer mill

  1. Inside the wood pulverizer, the raw materials are crushed by the high-speed operation of the hammer. The speed of the hammer is twice that of the ordinary mill, and the work efficiency is higher and the production capacity is stronger.
  2. The cost of a charcoal crusher is not high, and the energy consumption is low. Various finished products after crushing can be continuously processed into other products, thus greatly improving the profit margin.
  3. The hammer mill can be equiped with a shaclon and dust bags.
  4. We can provide various sieving screens, in order to meet customer’s different needs.
  5. If the customer needs to handle hard materials or has special requirements for the size of the feeding port, we can add an additional feeding port for processing hard materials or enlarge the feeding port.

Operating rules & dos and don’ts

  1. Read the manual carefully before using the wood pulverizer.
  2. Remove sand, stone, metal, or other sundries from the materials to avoid damage to the hammer mill crusher.
  3. Idle for 2-3 minutes to remove the remaining material when the machine stops.
  4. The operator should stand on the side of the feeding mouth, and do not allow hands to reach into the machine.
  5. The screen and the body must be tightly fitting in order to prevent leakage of the materials affecting the quality during the operation.
  6. Do not open the cover when the charcoal crushing machine runs.
  7. Do not make the motor to load start and overload work.
  8. It’s forbidden to feed hard wooden sticks and iron bars by hand when the feeding mouth is blocked.

Maintenance of hammer crusher for sawdust making

  1. Grease the bearing regularly.
  2. If the hammer crusher stops for a long time, you should clean it inside and outside, properly keeping it to prevent rust.
  3. If there is a noise in the machine capacity, the operator should stop it and check whether there is ironstone or components fallen off or damaged.

Scenario application of hammer mill

Hammer crushers are often used in complete production lines in conjunction with other machines. For example, in the charcoal briquettes production line, due to the relatively small size of the feeding port of the biomass briquette machine, the large wood is usually roughly broken by a drum chipper, and then finely broken by a hammer mill.

Application of hammer mill
Application Of Hammer Mill

What are the types of hammer mills?

Fan(kw)  7.57.51122
Dust remover(pcs)55551414
Cyclone diameter(m)111111
Capacity (t/h)0.6-0.81-1.21.2-1.51.5-33-44-5

Models of hammer mill are named after the width of the machine’s shaft. For example, WD-HM60, the axle width of this model machine is 60 cm. WD-HM60 and WD-HM70 have commonly purchased models for small wood processing plants due to their suitable output and small size. Large forest farms often buy WD-HM1300 for their large output.

Charcoal crusher working video