Tree Branch Crusher Machine | Industrial Wood Chipper

Model WD-6130
Roller wheel diameter 300mm
Power allocation 32HP diesel engine
Host speed 2200r/min
Blade count 4 pieces
Blade length 300mm
Feeding roller diameter 280mm
Generator power 600w
Capacity 1-2t/h

A tree branch crusher machine is used to cut tree trunks and branches into pieces. The use of wood chippers can significantly reduce the time, manpower, and budget required to complete forestry work. WOOD machinery has a variety of models of industrial wood shredders, which can meet the smashing of different scenes. Welcome to inquire.

Brief introduction of branch grinder

The garden branch shredder is a branch shredder developed by our company after years of market research and in response to the call of the government environmental protection department. Its purpose is to smash fresh or pruned branches into pieces. Suitable for urban greening projects, gardening, or forestry work. At present, there are two main power modes for the work of the tree shredder, the large model uses a diesel engine, and the small model usually uses a gasoline engine.

Branch grinder details

Enlarged feeding inlet

The feeding port of our tree branch crusher machine has been enlarged, therefore, large-volume branches can also be easily fed into the branch crusher machine.

Forced feed rollers

The feeding port is equipped with a forced feeding roller, which makes the feeding operation much easier.

Cutting blades

The cutting blades of the tree branch crusher machine inside the pulverizer are made of manganese steel, which are sharp and wear-resistant, which can improve the efficiency of the pulverizer.


The industrial wood chipper is equipped with a multi-belt transmission, so the power conversion is sufficient, and the work efficiency is high.


Night light makes nighttime operation safer and more convenient

Raw materials of industrial wood chipper

Branch shredders are mainly used to shred various branches and leaves cut from various trees. These fresh branches contain a lot of water, so they will be softer. The crushed branches and leaves can be used as mulch, garden bed base, organic fertilizer, etc.

Raw materials of tree branch crusher machine
Raw Materials Of Tree Branch Crusher Machine

Different from the wood crusher, the branch crusher machine mainly shreds fresh branches that contain moisture. The wood shredder shredders are relatively dry logs.

Branch crusher application field

The tree branch crusher machine is suitable for the shredding of bark, leaves, wet branches, wood strips, bamboo poles, bamboo leaves, small branches and other materials, and the output granularity is adjustable. This branch crusher is suitable for industrial special equipment such as gardens, orchards, road tree maintenance, parks, and community greening.

Necessity of tree branch crusher machine

The application of a branch crusher is wide. To operate a tree farm orchard, it is necessary to trim the waste branches of the trees on a regular basis. Street trees in cities and plants in parks also need to be pruned regularly.

In the past, due to the indifference of environmental protection awareness, people may directly burn the pruned branches and leaves. However, with the deterioration of the environment and the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, people will use a branch shredder to smash and smash the pruned branches. The later sawdust can be used as natural organic fertilizer when scattered in the green space, and it can also improve the water storage capacity of the soil.

After crushing, it can be used as mulch, garden bed base, organic fertilizer, edible fungus, biomass power generation, and can also be used in the production of the high-density board, particleboard, paper industry, etc.

Features of industrial wood chipper

  1. The road greening shredder is equipped with a traction device that can be connected to the front transportation vehicle, which is convenient to move. The debris discharged from the discharge port can be directly collected on the transport truck.
  2. The tree brand crusher machine has a wide range of applications, and is suitable for sceneries such as gardens, urban road greening, and forest farm processing waste wood.
  3. The wood chipper is sturdy and durable, has a long service life, and is easy to operate when using it. It can be used by employees through simple training.

Diesel engine branch crusher parameters

Roller wheel diameter300mm500mm
Power allocation32HP diesel engineR4105ZP diesel
Host speed2200r/min1800r/min
Blade count4 pieces7 pieces
Blade length300mm230mm
Feeding roller diameter280mm600mm
Generator power600w600w

The above models can be customized according to user requirements.

Small size gasoline branch chipper parameters

Broken branch diameter1-6cm1-10cm
Outter speed2800rpm2800rpm
Output power 7.5HP/3600rpm13HP /3600rpm
Tank capacity3.6L6.5L
Engine oil system capacity1.1L1.1L
Fuel type92#92#

The above models can be customized according to user requirements.

Tree branch crusher machine display