WD-500 Small Wood Crusher Machine Shipped to Australia

In 2022, a small wood crusher machine was sent to Australia successfully. The model of this machine is WD-500 and its capacity is 500-600kg per hour. We will introduce the wood crusher machine for your reference, if you have any requirements, feel free to contact us anytime.

Small wood crushing machine shipped to Australia

The wood chipper for sale Australia is used for shredding branches etc. on farms. The machine model is WD-500 and its capacity 500-600kg/h. The customer has a small farm in Australia and needed a small wood crusher machine to handle a large number of branches and waste wood. So, this customer ordered Shuliy’s wood chipper machine for sale to shred the wood and use it as fertilizer. Now our wood crusher has been shipped to Australia. Since the customer could not come to our site, our business manager Beco took photos and videos of the machine for the customer to solve his problems at any time.

Small wood crushing machine shipped to australia
Small Wood Crushing Machine Shipped To Australia
Small wood crusher machine
Small Wood Crushing Machine

Parameters of small wood crusher machine sent to Australia

Capacity500-600kg per hour
Feeding inlet size180*160mm, it is suitable for the wood log less than 15 cm