How to make bamboo briquette charcoal?

February 09,2023

Due to the fast growth rate of bamboo, cutting down bamboo will not damage the environment. Especially in today’s increasingly important environmental protection, bamboo charcoal is becoming more and more popular in the international market, and the development of mechanism bamboo charcoal is very promising.

Bamboo briquette charcoal
Bamboo Briquette Charcoal

How to make bamboo briquette charcoal?

The bamboo is first crushed into chips of about 2 cm, and then the excess water is removed by a dryer so that the moisture of the raw material is at 8%-12%. The biomass briquette making machine will make the bamboo chips into bamboo sticks at high temperatures and pressure.

Wood briquettes making machine
How To Make Bamboo Briquette Charcoal? 4

The finished bamboo sticks can be used directly as fuel for burning. You can also use a professional carbonizing furnace to carbonize the bamboo sticks into bamboo charcoal briquettes at high temperature. The charcoal furnace can be used as a hoist charcoal furnace or a horizontal charcoal furnace.

Carbonization stoves
Carbonization Stoves

Advantages of bamboo briquette charcoal

Burning time

Through the test, the burning time of 1 kg of medium temperature mechanism bamboo charcoal briquette was three and a half hours, while the same weight of high temperature bamboo charcoal burned for more than five hours. The burning time meets the standard.

Ash state

The ash produced during the burning of bamboo briquette charcoal can fall off naturally. Bad charcoal needs to be peeled off manually after the ash is produced, otherwise the burning part will be wrapped in the ash and the exothermic situation is not good. Good high-temperature bamboo charcoal will fall off layer by layer by itself when burning, therefore, the charcoal can always be kept in a high-temperature state.

Hardness and appearance

The appearance of bamboo briquette charcoal is generally better than that of wood briquette charcoal made from sawdust. They have a neat appearance, no cracks, and a crisp sound can be heard when struck. Moreover, bamboo charcoal briquette has high hardness. When bamboo charcoal is naturally thrown down from a height of two meters, the briquette breaks into two pieces with a flat section and no crushed charcoal chips.