What are the differences between hookah charcoal and BBQ charcoal?

February 10,2023

In daily life, there are many places where charcoal is needed. If you are on a farm, many families are still using charcoal for heating, while in the city, the most common use of charcoal is for barbecue and hot pot, where the charcoal used is generally a mechanism with no smell, high heat generation and long burning time.

Arabian smoked charcoal is similar to the charcoal we use for barbecue, but there are also differences, where are the specific differences?

Burning shisha charcoal
Burning Shisha Charcoal

Raw material

The raw materials used to make hookah charcoal are a little different from those used for barbecue charcoal. Arabian smoked charcoal requires a more refined raw material composition, usually using chips of coconut shells or high-quality wood, etc. The hookah charcoal machine will press the chips into small briquettes with high hardness. BBQ charcoal requires fewer raw materials. Arabian hookah charcoal is vacuum charcoal, which is made with an accelerant, so it can be ignited quickly and easily.

Briquette size

The charcoal we usually use for barbecue is relatively large, while the hookah charcoal is generally small, commonly about 35 mm in diameter, and the burning time of hookah charcoal is closely related to the size of the charcoal. Generally speaking, it takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour for a person to smoke, and it usually burns for about 40 minutes, which is exactly the time for a pot of smoke material.

Using methods

First, light the hookah charcoal, and then place the burning hookah charcoal on the special tinfoil with holes tied, these are the preparations you need to do before smoking hookah, in fact, it is very simple to operate. You can also light the charcoal first and then put it on other utensils and burn it, wait until it is all burned through, and then put the hookah smoke material in the smoke pot, so you can relatively extend the burning time.