3 things you need to know about biomass wood briquette machine

January 29,2023

Biomass wood briquette is a kind of environmentally friendly fuel, the cost of biomass briquettes is affordable and the smoke is much less then normal coal. Therefore, biomass briquettes are more and more popular in domestic and foreign markets. The biomass wood briquette machine is the professional equipment to produce them, they are also very popular in the market. WOOD Machinery has exported wood briquette machines all over the world, including Bolivia, Nigeria, Ghana and so on.

Biomass briquettes vs wood

What are the differences between biomass briquettes and normal wood?

Firstly, biomass briquette vs wood. Their materials are different. The biomass briquettes are made by biomass waste like waste branches and wood, sawdust, peanut shells, and olive shells, after multi-step processing, those biomass waste will become bio-briquettes. The wood is cut directly from various trees, and the internal structure of each type of wood is very different, such as the density of the wood, weight, etc. These factors will affect the burning time.

Secondly, pressd sawdust briquettes have a wide market, they can be used for heating fireplaces at home and for barbecue at restaurants. Their density is more than 3 times that of wood, which burns longer, and is smokeless. The biomass sawdust briquette has less ash, and does not spark when burning.

Packed sawdust briquettes
Biomass Wood Briquettes

Manufacturing process of biomass briquettes

In the processing plant, equipment such as a wood shredder, wood chip dryer machine, biomass wood briquette machine, packing machine, conveyor belt, etc. are needed to prepare. Workers will shovel the shredded biomass materials on the conveyor belt of the biomass wood briquette machine, the size of the raw material should under 2 kilometers.

WOOD biomass briquette machine manufacturers provide a complete biomass charcoal plant for our customers.

Charcoal briquette production line 1 1
The Manufacturing Process Of Biomass Briquettes

Biomass briquette plant cost

The main factors affecting the price of the production line are the configuration of the machine and the expected output.The different model of wood crusher and sawdust briquette machine have different price. If you are intersted in the machine, welcome to leave a message on our website or contact us via Whatsapp directly. We will match a perfert production line for you and send you the quotation.