How to maintain the wood shredder machine?

May 30,2022

Wood shredders as a common wood processing equipment, and it is inevitable that wear and tear will occur in the daily work. But why other people’s wood shredder machines can be used for several years and still be good, while some customers of the wood shredder with a year or two to reduce the performance a lot?

The reason why this happens maybe because some customers’ wood crushers are not used reasonably and are not maintained regularly. Today, as a wood crusher manufacturer, Shuliy machinery will give customers some suggestions to help them extend the life of the wood crusher.


Let the wood shredder machine idle for a while

After the wood grinder is started, it is best to let the machine idle for a minute or two first. Many people just turn on the machine to put the material inside the equipment to be crushed, but the wood crusher can only perform well at high speed, the first one or two minutes of the equipment speed has not yet reached the requirements. This time you put the material in, the engine will have an overload phenomenon,the loss of motor will be very large if you do the same thing. And a proper idle can also be the first day to crush the material remaining to exclude cleaning, so as not to mix materials.

Avoid falling into metal objects

The wood shredder is specially designed for shredding wood and can shred wood of various hardness, but some customers put some wood with iron nails into it, such as wooden pallets, when shredding. In fact, this is very harmful to the wood crusher. If you need to crush wood with nails, you can choose a crusher that can remove nails, such as a comprehensive pallet crusher. If it is crushed with an ordinary wood shredder, it will damage the blade and the machine itself and will shorten the life of the machine.

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Timely replacement of wearing parts

Wood shredder internal blades are wearing parts, a set of tools to crush materials 8 hours a day, can last for about six months if it must come to replace the wood shredder blades must be replaced to maintain the efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, we must often check whether the machine blade wear, if there is a sudden decline in production, a high probability is because the blade has become blunt. The blade is the main part of the equipment to crush materials, for this part is recommended to check the degree of wear and tear of the blade on a regular basis.

Crusher internal screen also belongs to the wear parts, is required to regularly check and regularly replaced. In addition, the screen is to control the size of wood particles, in the production process, pay attention to observe the size of the finished particles have any changes, suddenly become larger to consider changing the screen.

Control the feeding speed

When crushing wood, the feeding speed can not be too fast, according to the size of the wood crusher equipment model to determine how much material into a time, many customers and friends in order to pursue production efficiency, they often put a large number of wood in the inlet, which is actually not good. Because the crushing equipment has a model and limited capacity. Even though you stuffed more, it can only be crushed little by little. On the contrary, a one-time feed too much, but also easy to appear the phenomenon of machine malfunction.