How to reduce the ash content in charcoal briquettes?

May 31,2022

The quality of charcoal briquette is generally judged by its carbon content, heat content and burning time, and also whether the ash content of charcoal exceeds the standard, and the quality of charcoal is not too good if the ash content is too large. If the ash content is too high, the price of such charcoal will be low and not welcomed by the market. So what will affect the ash content of charcoal briquettes? How to reduce the ash content in charcoal briquettes? The following is a brief introduction of WOOD machinery.

How to reduce the ash content in charcoal briquettes
How To Reduce The Ash Content In Charcoal Briquettes

What is the ash in charcoal?

Ash is the white or red substance that remains after all the charcoal produced by the charcoal machine is burned. The content of ash directly affects the use and economic value of charcoal. For example, straws, rice husks and other substances contain a large amount of ash, and they are not easy to fall off during combustion, resulting in low temperature during combustion, which is not high-quality charcoal.

Why does charcoal have ash?

First, the ash content of charcoal produced from raw materials with large ash content is certainly also larger, such as straw, various weeds, leaves, etc. In principle, these raw materials are not easy to be used as raw materials alone to produce charcoal, and some sawdust can be added appropriately.

Second, during the transportation and storage of raw materials, there may be sand and mud mixed into the raw materials, which greatly increases the ash content of the raw materials and thus affects the quality of the finished charcoal.

Last but not least, if the carbonization time is too long and the carbonization temperature is too high, the ash content will also increase.

Methods to reduce the ash content

The charcoal made from raw materials with high ash content is relatively high in ash, such as straw, rice husk, weeds, etc. Such charcoal is not suitable for barbecue or heating but can be used in industry. However, if you can add some sawdust to these raw materials, the ash will be less.

For the problem of unclean raw materials, try not to put anything in a pile when storing, and control the storage conditions to avoid the pollution of sand and mud. Before production, it is better to check again to ensure the cleanliness of the material. Last but not least, chose a carbonizing stove of good quality, controlling the temperature of carbonization is also important.

Carbonization furnace
Carbonization Furnace