Comprehensive Crusher | Industrial Wood Pallet Crusher

Model WD-C1300
Feeding inlet size 1300*500mm
Feeding maximum diameter 400mm
Blades 20pcs
Capacity 8-10 t/h
Total power 156.5kw
Overall size 8600*2000*2300mm

A comprehensive crusher machine is a multi-functional crushing machine that can crush various kinds of large wood material, such as large-diameter logs, waste wood furniture, wood pallet, wooden planks with nails, roots, weeds, etc. The equipment is mainly composed of a long conveyor, feeding rollers, saw, hydraulic cylinder, motor, and so on. It adopts a direct driving mode and strong power. Besides, it also can be equipped with a magnetic roller to separate iron nails from wood. The final products can be used in wood recycling, furniture recycling, charcoal making, paper making, etc.

Comprehensive crusher
Comprehensive Crusher

What raw materials are suitable for wood pallet crusher?

The comprehensive wood pallet crusher machine is multi-function equipment, suitable for all kinds of wood material even if there are iron nails on the wood. The common raw material includes wood pallets, furniture boards, waste packaging wood, branches, planks, wooden boxes boards, logs, other wood materials, etc.

Main parts of crushing machine for wood pallet

The comprehensive crushing machine mainly consists of a feeding conveyor, pressing rollers, saw, sieving screen, hydraulic system, (magnetic roller), motors, output conveyor, and so on.

  1. Feeding conveyor is used to transporting raw material to the pressing rollers. Its length is usually 3m. If the wood has iron nail on it, the machine should match with chain plate instead of conveyor belt.
  2. The three pressing rollers can force these raw material to crushing chamber. One big roller is on the upper, and two small rollers are on the lower part.
  3. Saw is the main part to crush the wood. There is tiger claw saw or a blade saw. The former is suitable for those wood with nails. While the later is used for common material without nails.
  4. The final products of comprehensive crusher depends on the size of sieving screen, so you can adjust discharging size by changing screen.
  5. Hydraulic cylinder can promote the feeding process, prevent wood from stuck.
  6. Magnetic roller can separate nails from wood pieces.
  7. There are 4 motors to control the machine, rollers, conveyor belt, and hydraulic pump separately.
  8. Discharging conveyor belt directly transport wood chips to other places, generally 8m.

Video of comprehensive crusher application

The machine in the video shows the application of an industrial wood pallet crushing machine working in a farm factory, the worker used a belt conveyor to transport the pulverized branches and other waste wood materials, which could save much labor cost.

How to crush wood pallet by wood pallet crusher?

After the wood enters the pressing rollers through the feeding conveyor belt, the hydraulic pump rises, and the wood enters the crushing chamber. There is a tiger claw saw or a blade saw behind the rollers to crush wood into pieces. If the wood chips meet the discharge size, they pass from the screen. If not to meet the size, those pieces will return to be crushed again. On the end of the outlet, it can be equipped with a magnetic roller, which can separate the wood pieces and the nails, convenient for second use and sale. The final products can be used as biomass fuels, the raw material of papermaking, and charcoal making, etc.

Wood pieces
Wood Pieces

Advantages of wood comprehensive crusher

  • The wood pallet crusher has a wide range of applicable raw materials, more powerful functions, and stable and durable use.
  • The wood comprehensive crusher uses hydraulic system to control the cover opening and closing, making feeding smoothly, effectively reducing the maintenance intensity, improving working efficiency
  • The output is large and the efficiency is high, and the output is 1-2 times that of the tranditional smaller wood crusher equipment.
  • The feed port of the comprehensive crusher can be fed by grabbing machine to save labor costs, and can also be operated by remote control according to requirements.
  • The wood pallet crusher is equipped with an iron removal device, which can effectively pick out light metal objects, such as nails.
  • Adopt full automatic control system, and it can complete the process of feeding, crushing, discharging automatically, saving time and manpower, and improving the safety factor of the machine operation.
  • comprehensive wood crusher can be used to test the installation and use of the equipment under different geographical and topographic conditions without being affected by seasonal climate and other external conditions.

Delivery site of comprehensive crusher

WOOD Machinery has a strong platform construction and scientific research resources to ensure to provide customers with comprehensive services. Before the sale, our sales manager will introduce the comprehensive crusher in detail to you, and choose the model of the wood pallet crusher according to different output requirements. We also provide installation guidance, equipment debugging, personnel training, and other services according to customer needs.

Three specifications of the comprehensive crusher machine

Feeding inlet size1300*500mm1400*800mm1600*800mm
Feeding maximum diameter400mm500mm600mm
Output sizeless than 100mmless than 100mmless than 100mm
Input conveyor6m6m6m
Output conveyor8m10m10m
Blades20 pcs32 pcs 66 pcs
Capacity8-10 t/h10-15t/h20-30t/h
Total power156.5kw213.5kw233.5kw
Overall size8600*2000*2300mm9600*2400*3300mm12500*2800*3200mm

The model of comprehensive crusher is named by the size of the feeding port. Compared with the general crusher, the output of these three models is larger, the capacity of the smallest model is 8t/h. Therefore, it is more suitable for use in large forest farms.