Wood Crusher Machine for Sale | Waste Wood Shredder

Brand WOOD Machinery
Parameter 300-4000kg/h
Power method Electric motors and diesel engines
Customize service Inlet design, movement method
Warranty 12 months

Wood crusher is an ideal machine for the first process of producing sawdust. The sawdust making machine can be used to crush wood, branches, forks, and other raw materials into sawdust. The raw materials include wood, pine, miscellaneous wood, yang mu, fir, raw bamboo, bark, bamboo, thatch, corn, stalk, etc.

The wood crushing equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, high productivity, low investment, good economic profits, and convenience for installation, operation, and maintenance. This sawdust can be used to make charcoal, plywood, paper, etc. Are you interested in this kind of sawdust making machine? Welcome to consult to get more information.

Common raw materials of the wood crusher machine
Common Raw Materials Of The Wood Crushing Machine

Wood crusher machine for sale

The wood crushing machines are similar in their appearances, but still have some differences among them in power supply, the number of feeding ports, the length of the inlet, the size of the wood crushing machine. We supply the wood shredding machine with an electric motor type or diesel engine, single feeding port type, double feeding ports type, and so on.

Besides, the feeding inlet length can be lengthened according to your needs. The sizes of the different wood crushing equipment have different processing capacities. Furthermore, we provide different sizes of screen mesh optional to meet your different needs.

The electric driving & diesel driving
The Electric Driving &Amp; Diesel Driving Of Wood Shredding Machine

Wood crushing machine with electric power

Brief introduction of electric wood crusher

In order to use electricity safely and stably, the electric wood crusher above 600 needs to be equipped with a control cabinet. The motor-type pulverizer can be equipped with wheels according to customer needs to increase mobility.

Parameters of wood shredding machine with electric motor

ModelCapacityElectric PowerFeeding size
WD-420300-400 kg/h11kw10cm
WD-500500-600kg/h18.5 kw15cm
WD-600800-1000kg/h30 kw17cm
WD-7001200-1500kg/h37 kw20cm
WD-9002000-2500kg/h55 kw22cm
WD-12003500-4000kg/h90 kw28-30cm

Type 420, 500 and 600 electric wood crusher are named after the diameter of the cutter head in the shredder. Small-scale wood crushing equipment has less investment and suitable output, which can meet customer needs. Because small-scale wood crusher machines are small in size, they also pay less sea freight, which is more economical.

Diesel power wood crusher

Avantages of diesel type crusher

The diesel engine-type wood shredding machine has more flexible application scenarios. It is not limited by the power supply and is widely used in garden work, forest farm work, and places where the voltage is unstable. We can also install wheels under the crusher, which greatly improves mobility.

Parameters of diesel power wood crusher

ModelCapacityDiesel powerFeeding size
WD-420300-400 kg/h15hp10cm
wood crusher machine parameters

The 420, 500 and 600 models are named after the diameter of the cutter head in the shredder, for example, the 500 model has a cutter head diameter of 500 mm. Other large models are named by the manufacturers themselves. 420, 500 and 600 models can satisfy most customers due to their low price and production volume.

Special customized sawdust making machine

In order to make it more convenient for our customers to use wood shredding machines, WOOD Machinery can customize the wood crushers with special feeding ports for you, such as double inlets and enlarged feed ports. The flat feed port is suitable for soft materials such as corn stalks. An enlarged feeding port of the wood crusher can make feeding more convenient.

Wood crusher machine of WD-600 video

Features of wood crushing machine

  1. The wood shredding machine has a compact structure and a small footprint. The operation method is simple.
  2. All rotors pass an accurate dynamic balancing test, less vibration during running
  3. Automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving production efficiency, saving labor and time
  4. Optional electric motor & diesel engine, single inlet & double inlet
  5. The waste wood crusher can be equipped with two wheels under the machine so as to be easy to move.
  6. It can match with sand clones and dust removal devices to reduce dust pollution that is conducive to indoor work and easy to catch materials and packaging.
  7. Various sizes of screen meshes are available
  8. Support customization service

Structure of wood shredding machine

The wood crusher machine for sale mainly consists of a base, motor, belt, feeding port, blades, hammers, screen mesh, and discharge port. The motor has two types of supply power optional, the electric motor, and the diesel engine. You can choose based on your needs.

After raw materials into equipment, the blade will cut raw materials into pieces, then the hammer slice crushes wood into sawdust until the sawdust can meet your requirement. The screen mesh is used to unify the size of sawdust for further reprocessing, and its texture is carbon steel. The hole’s size of the screen meshes usually is 3-12mm. Among them, the blade, hammer, and screen are wearing parts, it’s better to prepare more in the long run.

Knife plates of wood crushers
Knife Plates Of Wood Crushers

Video of wood crushing equipment working in a forest farm

Applications of sawdust making machine

The multi-functional wood crushing special equipment with two feeding ports not only can crush harder wood, log, pine, miscellaneous wood, yang mu, fir, raw bamboo, nutshells, bark, but is also suitable for soft materials like straw, thatch, corn, crop stalk, etc. These processed wood raw materials can be used to make charcoal, plywood, paper, or fuel, etc. Sawdust can be pressed into sticks by biomass briquettes making machine, which can be used for fuel, or it can then be carbonized to make charcoal in a carbonization furnace.

Applications of sawdust making machine
Applications Of Sawdust Making Machine

Pay attention to these when using the wood crusher

  1. Turn on the power and check whether the steering is correct.
  2. Extend the knife edge 2-4mm from the cutter plate plane, when installing or replacing the cutter.
  3. If finding the pressure bolt thread buckle worn out, replacing immediately to prevent slip of the knife disc nut.
  4. The stretching degree of the knife must keep the same length.
  5. It is strictly prohibited to put the wood with stones and nails into the machine to avoid damaging the knife and the inner part.
  6. The sharpening Angle is 28-30 deg, strictly prohibited to grind convex surface because convex surface will cause the steel blade to break off or partially unpeel steel.