Charcoal plant has been installed in Guinea

Our company has shipped a complete set of charcoal production line to Guinea, now our customers have received charcoal machines and finished their installation. Because the number of related machines was large, customers in Guinea had some problem when they installed them, our company decided to arrange one of our engineers to Guinea. In the duration of the charcoal plant installation, he helped our customers a lot.

Brief introduction of Guinea wood sources

Guinea is located in West Africa, with a large area of ​​forest land and a very rich variety of trees, which can be classified into the following 3 types according to their use, which includes fruit trees, firewood trees and construction wood.

Fruit trees generally include cashews, mangoes, lemons, etc., which are important forestry resources. The growth period of firewood trees is generally relatively short, and their trunks are short, and they are mostly used as charcoal, or directly burned as firewood. The trees used for construction and industrial timber include mahogany, fragrant wood, white wood and palm, etc. These trees generally have long growing seasons, thick trunks and good wood, which can be used for furniture and construction. The logs exported from Guinea belong to this category.

Why did customers choose our charcoal plant?

Our customers in Guinea noticed there is a great need of charcoal in their local market because residents in Guinea always use charcoal as fuel to cook meals. After getting government support, they started looking for manufacturers selling charcoal machines online, and after browsing our web page, he contacted our account manager, Jasmine. Jasmine recommended him a complete charcoal production line based on the client’s output. The raw material is wood, from crushing to making biomass sticks, to carbonizing sticks. The main machines are wood crusher, sawdust dryer, sawdust briquette making machine and carbonization furnace.

Installation site pictures

In order to help our Guinean customers to install the charcoal production line, we arranged for our engineers to fly to Guinea to guide them in the operation. They warmly received our engineers and then completed the installation of the machine in cooperation, and now the line is in operation.

Charcoal plant video in Guinea

The whole charcoal production line is finished now, welcome to click and watch it.

Parameters of Guinea charcoal plant

Drum wood chipper machineModel: 600A
Power: 55+3+3kw
Rotor diameter: 650mm
Feed opening: 260*540mm
Dimension: 2600*2000*1700 mm
Feed ConveyorModel: 800
Power: 3kw
Wood crusherModel: 1300
Power: 110+3+7.5kw
Capacity: 3-4t per hour
Discharge conveyorModel:600
Screwing machineModel:900
Scrw conveyorModel:320
Sawdust drying machineModel:1200
Sawdust briquette machineModel:IV50
Power:22 kw
Capacity: 200-250kg/h
Carbonization stoveDimension: 1940mm*1900mm*1900mm
Inner stove: 10
Purifying facilityOne piece of 1.5m diameter spray
4 pieces of 1m condensers
60 pieces of static 219 pipes
1 piece of generator