One log debarking machine exported to Ukraine

Our customer in Ukrain chose our log debarking machine recently, he was going to use the wood debarker to peel logs in his wood processing plant. At first, he did not know how to choose the model, after our sales manager Beco’s introduction, the Ukrainian clients found that the model WD-250 is the ideal one, its capacity is 10 meters per minute. Now the log peeling machine has been shipped to Ukraine.

What can a log debarking machine do?

A log debarking machine is a machine that is easy to operate. It is mainly used to strip the bark from the top layer of trees. There are two common wood debarkers: trough debarkers and vertical wood debarkers. They are all machines and equipment commonly used in log processing. In general, the effect of the vertical peeling machine is better than that of the trough type, and it is more suitable for professional wood processing factories or furniture factories.

Why did customer choose our log debarking machine?

The customer in Ukraine has his own wood processing plant and needed a wood debarker to remove the bark. Our sales manager Beco confirmed the diameter of the customer’s wood and understood that the customer’s logs were between 80mm and 280mm in diameter, so he recommended the WD250 model machine, which can handle wood from 50-320mm in diameter. But to give the customer more choices, Beco introduced all models to the customer. Sales manager Beco has been in contact with wood peeling machines for many years and has very rich experience. With professional knowledge and understanding of the machine, he finally won the customer’s trust.

How does log debarking machine work?

The following video shows the working duration of the wood peeling machine in our factory. You can observe how can the inside blades peel the wood bark in slow motion.

Details of Ukraine wood debarking machine

The following pictures shows WD250 wood debarking machine sent to Ukraine.

ModelPowerCapacitySuitable wood diameterMachine sizeMachine weightBlades qty
WD – 2507.5+2.2kw10 meters per minute50mm-320mm2450*1400*1700mm1800kg2 sets

Load and delivery of log debarker machine