One log shaving machine has been exported to UAE

A customer from United Arab Emirates purchased a log shaving machine from our company last week. In the whole transaction process, our sales manager served our customers throughout the whole process, solving their doubts at any time, and the patient and timely responses made our customers trust us so much that they finally purchased our company’s machines.

Wood shaving machines in our plant
wood shaving machines in our plant

Why did customer need our log shaving machine?

The client runs a horse farm in the UAE with a large number of horses and he had previously been buying shavings from a local farm to furnish the stables and give them a comfortable home. But as the number of horses increased, he built new stables, so the cost of buying shavings increased significantly. To reduce the cost, he wanted to make his own shavings from scrap wood around the area, so he started looking online for a machine to sell shavings.

Usage of wood shaving machine

The shaving machine is easy to operate, and the size of the shavings produced can be adjusted, as well as the thickness. Because the shavings are very thin and soft in nature, putting these wood shavings into the nests of animals can make them live more comfortably and warmly.

There are many other uses for shavings after processing. It can be made into plywood, which is often used in furniture manufacturing. It is also suitable for logistics and transportation, and adding some shavings as filler when packing fragile goods can protect the goods. Wood shavings can also be used as a medium for growing mushrooms.

Wood shavings for horse bedding
wood shavings for horse bedding

Special advantages of our log shaving machine

  • By adjusting the tilt angle of the knife, the thickness and size of the finished product can be adjusted to meet various needs.
  • The structure of the shaving machine is cleverly designed, with low maintenance cost and long service life.
  • Our factory offers customized service. If customers need especially small shavings, our factory can provide shavings crusher, and the design inside the machine can make even smaller shavings.
  • The log shaving machine can be equipped with electric motor or diesel engine.

Details of customer’s log shaving making machine

The front of the wood shaver with a motor

Model: WD-WS800
Capacity: 800-1000kg/h
Input Size: 16cm

The parameters of the log shaving machine purchased by customer in United Arab Emirates is above. Model 600 and 800 are the most popular models for its moderate capacity and price. Our customers from South Africa and the Middle East aslo use them to make wood shavings for their farms.

Video of wood shaving making machine

The video shows how a log shaving machine process logs into thin shavings. When operating the shaving machine, one worker is enough. For the machine structure and the operation are simple, worker can finish work only with a little training.