What is hookah?

December 13,2021

Brief introduction of hookah

The Arabic hookah is called hookah in the United Kingdom and the United States, and shisha in European countries. Such an Arab-style product has become the favorite of European and American fashionistas. With its beautiful appearance and more than one hundred flavors, Arabic hookahs are becoming more and more recognized and loved by more and more people. Consumers are both elderly and young. people.

A magnificent hookah is not only a smoking device, it is beautiful in shape, and it is also a beautiful handicraft when placed at home. Fruit-burning hookah is like mellow wine and fragrant tea, which is hard to resist. Fruit-burning hookah lovers can be seen everywhere in bars and nightclubs in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. To smoke a sip of fruit-burning hookah in the hookah in your free time has become a new casual fashion for young people.

People are enjoying hookal tobacco
people are enjoying hookal tobacco

History of hookah

The hookah was originally originated in India 800 years ago. It is composed of coconut shells and diabolo pipes and is mainly used to smoke old black tobacco. In the Middle East, hookah was once regarded as the “dancing princess and snake”; later it gradually spread to Arabia, was carried forward by the Arabs, and became a folk way of smoking tobacco.

The Indispensable hookah charcoal

Hookah charcoal is needed to heat hookah tobacco, which produces the heat source of smoke. They are placed on top of the foil of a hookah bowl or heat management device. Once the charcoal is ignited, they will quickly generate heat and ignite the tobacco. The hookah charcoal press machine is the equipment for making hookah charcoal. According to market demand, the latest design and production of hookah charcoal machine can press various granular and powdered carbon powder raw materials into strips, rounds, etc. The thickness and size of the finished product can be adjusted.

Packaged shisha coal
packaged shisha coal
Hookah coal
hookah coal

Development of the hookah

With the development of the Arabian water pipe, some innovations and corrections have appeared in its shape. It is changed to a glass bottle + metal tube, which is closer to the aesthetics of contemporary people. Shredded hookah has also changed from the original black tobacco to the more popular shredded fruit tobacco now.

The flavors of shredded hookah are strawberry, banana, grape, mint and so on. You can also mix a variety of flavors according to personal preference. You can also add some apple juice, cherry juice, grape juice, orange juice, rose oil, even wine, etc. to the water in the hookah. This way can make the smoke taste stronger and smell fragrant.