Will raw materials affect sawdust briquettes price?

June 06,2022

Our company has specialized in making charcoal machines for more than ten years, including barbecue charcoal, hookah charcoal, honeycomb charcoal, etc. Among them, the sawdust briquette machine is one of the most popular products, which is made from wood chips, coconut shells, straws and other raw materials. Sawdust briquette machine is also known as biomass briquette making machine, it uses the inherent characteristics of wood raw materials, through screw extrusion, under high temperature and high pressure, the lignin plasticization in the wood raw materials combines fine fibers to form rod-shaped fuel.

Wood briquettes making machine
Wood Briquettes Making Machine

However, there are many raw materials suitable for the production of mechanical charcoal machines. Some customers ask whether the quality of the products produced by the mechanical charcoal machine is affected by the type of raw materials? Will the different raw materials affect sawdust briquettes price?

Here we will give you a unified introduction. The quality of sawdust briquette charcoal has a great relationship with the raw materials, the quality of finished charcoal produced by different raw materials is also different.

We all know that wood is a good raw material. Trunks, branches and bark can be used to produce charcoal through charcoal equipment. Although there are differences in the ash content of trunks and branches, the difference is very small and the quality of the charcoal produced is different not much. However, charcoal produced from the bark has too much ash and a structure too fragile to be used in many places. Therefore, try not to use bark as the raw material for the machine-made charcoal machine. If you must use it, you can mix some other raw materials for production.

Shuliy Machinery recommends that you use materials such as hardwood and other materials with relatively high combustion value as raw materials, such as coconut shells, fruit wood, etc. The mechanical carbon produced in this way has high hardness, high quality, low ash content and high combustion value. There are also many places where there is a lot of crop waste. The straw, peanut husk, rice husk, grass, bamboo and wood leftover, bagasse, etc. are used as raw materials. After being crushed by a wood crusher, it is called charcoal. Of course, this can also be used to produce wooden sticks and then carbonized to make charcoal. However, straws and peanut shells have low hardness, low calorific value, and short burning time, so the quality of the charcoal produced will also be affected, therefore, the sawdust briquettes price will be lower.