How to solve wooden pallet recycling problem?

June 06,2022

Wooden pallets are versatile and can be used all over the world. The raw material of wooden pallets is natural wood, and the damage and abandonment of wooden pallets due to irregular use increases year by year. The demand for wood from wooden pallets leads to huge waste and even destroys forest resources. Whether it is from the perspective of ecological environment protection or resource conservation, the recycling of wooden pallets is a critical issue. Let us take you to understand the recycling of wooden pallets.

Necessity of wooden pallet recycling

Wooden pallets are prone to moisture, mildew, and insects, and are difficult to clean. In addition, the problems of sawdust falling off and screw corrosion on the surface are also difficult to solve. The original wooden pallet has a short life and is prone to insects. In order to achieve the purpose of preventing insects, the cost of fumigation is relatively high, and the drugs used for fumigation are harmful preparations. This greatly affects the use of disposable wooden pallets. Therefore, the recycling of wooden pallets is conducive to economic savings and can reduce the cost of wooden pallet regeneration.

Several methods of recycling wooden pallets

The recycled wooden pallets can be smashed with a wooden pallet crusher and made into composite boards, fiberboards, particle boards, etc., or can be changed into artificial boards to make furniture. Better quality wooden pallets can also be used to make shavings with a wood shaving machine. Or use a carbonization furnace to make charcoal from discarded wooden pallets, which are then used as fuel. Various recycling methods can not only save resources but also protect the ecological environment.

There are also very creative designers who have transformed wooden pallets. Jackie, a Singaporean designer, often sees these discarded wooden pallets in industrial areas and thinks that these woods are very strong and can bear heavy loads, so it is a pity to discard such good woods.

With no experience in upcycling, he relied on Youtube videos to repeatedly refine his craft and finally succeeded in making the environmentally friendly furniture he had in mind. Today, his studio mainly uses these wooden pallets to make handmade furniture, from small wire hangers to large dining tables and chairs, with prices ranging from $20 to $450.