Can bark and leaves be used to make charcoal briquettes?

February 07,2022

After purchasing a sawdust briquette machine, it is also important for customers to consider whether the following raw materials are suitable for processing charcoal briquettes. Because the quality of charcoal made from different raw materials is different. An Indonesian customer consulted us when they purchased our sawdust briquette machine. There are many trees near their factory, and many pruned branches and leaves were burned directly. Considering the perspective of environmental protection, they asked if they could use leaves or barks to make charcoal.

So can leaves and barks be used to make charcoal in the charcoal briquette production line? What material is the most ideal material for making charcoal? Wood machinery will explain some interesting information to you.


In fact, there are many raw materials that are suitable for making charcoal. including sawdust, corn stalks, soybean stalks, sorghum stalks, and other crop stalks, rice husks, grasses, branches, coconut shells, bamboo chips, etc. Almost all wood waste and farmland straw can be used to process sawdust briquettes. Leaves and barks can also be used to make biomass briquettes, but they need to add some other materials like sawdust.

Leaves and wood chips
Adding some wood chips in leaves is a better choice

Because leaves lack wood fibers, the charcoal will be loose and not easy to shape. Adding some sawdust or wood chips, or other raw materials containing wood fibers can improve the charcoal quality. Combining leaves with other wood fiber-rich materials results in materials that can be used to make charcoal. Those ingredients need to be crushed and dried first, then the sawdust briquette machine will press them into biomass sticks. In order to make charcoal briquettes, those biomass sticks will be processed in a hoist carbonization furnace.


Does the sawdust briquette machine have the best raw material? Actually, one of the most prominent features of environmentally friendly machines is the utilization of waste to protect the environment and resources. Therefore, the resources available around you are your best raw materials. Of course, if you have a lot of old bamboo or fruit trees around you, that’s even better.