Can straws be recycled?

June 02,2022

Corn is a common crop, in the past, due to awareness and economic reasons, most farmers are directly after the harvest will be straw aside, and some people think that these straws are in the way will be burned, which not only caused a waste of resources but also polluted the environment.

What the best way to reuse straws
What The Best Way To Reuse Straws?

But now, with the development of industrialization, ecological agriculture is the development direction of modern agriculture, and the straw, which was previously used as garbage, is now being reused as a valuable resource. For example, after crushing straw, spread them on the ground, or mix them with grain to make feed for cattle and sheep.

Every year when it is time to harvest, farmers start burning the stalks in the fields, which produces a lot of smoke. This smog will pollute the air, and everyone’s daily life is affected by air pollution. But the situation improved markedly when farmers began spreading the shredded straw into the fields.

In addition, straw returning to the field supplements soil nutrients and enhances soil fertility. Using straw, a natural raw material, can not only utilize resources but also reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, thereby improving our living environment.

There are also some creative ways to recycle straw. For example, the use of straw to produce water cups, toothbrush handles and other daily necessities has been welcomed by the market. Straw can also be used to make formaldehyde-free series of straw boards, which are widely used as base materials for furniture, packaging, and building materials.

Recycled straw
Recycled Straw Can Be Made Into Tableware

Straw can be crushed by a wood crusher and mixed with grain to make cattle and sheep feed, helping farmers to reduce costs and achieve large-scale farming.

Using the principle and technology of straw gasification to implement straw biogas projects in rural areas.

Straw power generation is a power generation method that uses crop straw as fuel, and is further divided into straw gasification power generation and straw combustion power generation.

To sum up, straw is a good clean and renewable energy, one of the new energy that people can exploit and utilize, and has good economic, ecological and social benefits.