What is the best charcoal for outdoor barbecue?

March 15,2022

It is definitely an excellent choice to have an outdoor barbecue with friends on the weekend. In a park with good air quality and good natural scenery, enjoying a good outdoor time is not only good for the body and mind but also enhances the relationship between people. At present, the common barbecue charcoal fuels on the market can be divided into four categories: natural wood, carbonized natural woods, carbonized biomass briquettes, and compressed BBQ charcoal balls. So as an outdoor barbecue enthusiast, what is the best fuel for barbecue?

Natural logs

Natural logs are the most primitive barbecue fuels. They are often various fruit trees, such as applewood, pearwood, jujube wood, lemonwood, etc. The trees are directly sawed into sections and then split into suitable sizes to dry. That’s it, the production method is simple, and it can be used directly when grilling.

These firewoods are very original and original, suitable for barbecue dishes with special flavors, but the shortcomings are obvious. The wood raw materials need to cut down a lot of trees, which is not conducive to environmental protection, and there is an open flame when burning, which is prone to smoke and sparks. So natural logs are not suitable for ordinary families.

Natural woods
natural woods

Carbonized natural woods

Log charcoal is a barbecue fuel made by carbonizing logs at a carbonization furnace with high temperatures, including various hardwoods, fruitwoods, miscellaneous woods, etc. This kind of fuel is easy to ignite. When grilling, it emits a firewood smell from childhood memories. This kind of charcoal is easy to ignite, but because its density is relatively small, the burning time is relatively short.

Carbonized natural woods
carbonized natural woods

Carbonized biomass briquettes

Biomass charcoal sticks are made of wood chips, and the charcoal is compressed wooden sticks under high temperature and high-pressure conditions by a sawdust briquette making machine. The sticks are then charcoaled into charcoal using a charcoal furnace. The charcoal made in this way is much denser than natural logs, more resistant to burning, smokeless and tasteless, making it a good choice for barbecue charcoal.

Compressed BBQ charcoal balls

Today’s outdoor barbecues basically use compressed charcoal balls, which is pressed with charcoal powder by a charcoal ball pressing machine. There are two common types: square and spherical. Because the density of charcoal pressed by machine is relatively high, they are not easy to ignite. It is recommended to use ignition wax to ignite. However, it is very resistant to burning after being ignited, has a high calorific value, does not fry sparks, and has a long burning time, which is very convenient for commercial and household use.

Compressed charcoal balls
compressed charcoal balls