What are the factors that affect charcoal quality?

March 25,2022

Charcoal is an indispensable material in the national economy. The original use of charcoal is fuel, and it has always been a high-quality fuel due to its flammability, flame resistance, low ash content, and no sulfur. Charcoal is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, national defense, agriculture, and environmental protection due to its unique structure and strong adsorption capacity.

At the same time, charcoal is also the best fuel for barbecue and hot pot. Especially carbonized biomass briquettes, because it is refined at high temperature, it is smoke-free, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, does not explode when burning, has low ash content, large calorific value and long burning time, and is more and more popular among people. Since charcoal is so important, today we will take a look at what factors affect the quality of charcoal in the process of producing charcoal.

Biomass charcoal briquettes
biomass charcoal briquettes

Quality of sawdust briquette machine

Only a good machine can make good charcoal. First, a good sawdust briquette machine must be equipped. The machine is of good quality and reasonable in design, in order to produce biomass wood sticks with high density and good quality.

Carbon content of raw materials

Raw materials with high carbon content, such as coconut shells, fruitwood, etc., produce charcoal with high calorific value and more resistance to burning. Such charcoal is more popular in the market and can be sold at a higher price.

Drying process

Drying the raw material is an important step. Dry the crushed raw materials with a humidity of 8% to 12%. If the humidity of the raw materials is high, the wooden sticks are not easy to form. If the humidity is low, the wooden sticks are prone to cracks, and the wooden sticks made are not beautiful. Therefore, if you master the drying humidity, you can make charcoal sticks.

Quality of carbonization machine

The finished biomass rods need to be carbonized at high temperature for a long time, so the quality of the carbonization furnace is also very important. In the process of carbonization, the temperature of the carbonization furnace should be guaranteed to rise above 300 degrees, because the wood material will be thermally decomposed when it reaches above 300 degrees. Finally charcoal is formed.