What are the benefits of a charcoal maker machine?

June 27,2022

Charcoal maker machine is very widely used in industry, applicable to a wide range of raw materials, not only can press charcoal balls but also can handle all kinds of mineral powder. So today we will talk about the benefits of the charcoal making machine specifically.

Charcoal ball press machines in our plant
Charcoal Ball Press Machines In Our Plant

Wide range of application

After years of development, our company’s charcoal machine can press and from various powdery materials, such as coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, mineral powder, gypsum, coke powder, and other powders and wastes. According to customer needs, there can be different matching machines, such as coal powder mixers, charcoal pulverizers, etc. The compacted powder is easy to transport and popular in the market.

Improve the powder utilization rate

In the process of mining or processing mineral materials every year, a large number of powdery materials will be produced. If these materials cannot be used reasonably, it will not only be a waste of resources but also pollute the environment. The application of the charcoal maker machine completely solves this situation. The charcoal maker machine can compress powder materials into balls, such as pulverized coal into briquettes, which is convenient for transportation operations and improves the utilization rate of pulverized coal.

Increase the economic added value of pulverized coal

The scraps and auxiliary materials generated in the metallurgical industry that need to be furnaced need to be pelletized before use. For example, after the coal powder and metal ore powder are pressed into balls, they can be directly put into the furnace for use. After the coal powder is made into pellets, the charcoal machine can reduce the dust diffusion and facilitate the control of the bulk density, and it is not suitable to be broken during the operation. In addition, after the charcoal powder is pressed into balls, it can be made into bag-packed barbecue charcoal, which is smaller in volume than ordinary barbecue charcoal, has high density, high calorific value, and has a very good effect, so it is welcomed by barbecue shops and lovers of camping barbecues. . The profit of the finished product processed by the machine is much higher than that of the dust, and the charcoal machine greatly improves the added value of the powder.


In short, there are many benefits of charcoal machines. Today, we have summarized three points from the perspective of raw materials and finished products, hoping to help everyone.
Today’s mechanization is developing rapidly, and powder ball making can be done completely by mechanization. The charcoal machine produced by Shuliy Machinery has the advantages of high ball forming rate and fast ball-making speed. It can press powder into balls at one time, and the hardness of the finished product is strong and should not be broken. If you are interested in the charcoal maker machine, welcome to consult us.