Demands for charcoal machines in Kenya

July 18,2022

According to the World Bank, Kenya has a land area of 44.13 million km2 and currently has a forest cover of 7.8%. Forest income in the form of timber and non-timber forest products is an important source of livelihood for many communities in Africa.

Kenya’s main forest resource is charcoal, which contributes to the livelihoods of millions of people in the region. At the same time charcoal has played a major role in income parity and poverty reduction. The demand for charcoal in Kenya comes mainly from households, restaurants, farmers and schools.

For household fuel

Many households in Kenya use charcoal mostly for cooking, and their demand for charcoal accounts for a large portion of Kenya’s fuel heating needs, and there is a large market for it. Kenyan households are generally associated with the use of charcoal cooking equipment, which can meet the daily household needs for heating and cooking due to the long burning time and low smoke of charcoal briquettes. In addition, the residents have a good sense of forest conservation and do not apply logs, but buy more expensive charcoal.

Charcoal products
Charcoal Products

In addition to home use, charcoal is in demand in Kenya across all industries. For restaurants, they have a high demand for fuel and need a mixture of fuels such as charcoal, kerosene, and other materials that burn faster, so charcoal with character and good quality will be preferred by restaurants. Charcoal made with the charcoal machine is dense, has a long burning time, and has high calorific value, so it is especially suitable for a barbecue or as fuel for cooking. Charcoal made by high-quality charcoal machines is the first choice of fuel for restaurants.

For restaurant fuel

In schools and other areas, biomass-based coal is more popular. Biomass coal includes briquettes, square briquettes, honeycomb coal and so on. Since no chemical additives are added in making coal and the raw materials are natural raw materials such as wood chips, wood trimmings, straw, bagasse, and so on, these charcoals are cleaner and have less ash after burning. In the process of making, it needs to be pressed by charcoal pressing machine, so they are dense and resistant to burning.

Charcoal briquettes
Charcoal Briquettes


The demand for charcoal varies from field to field and charcoal is sure to get better and better in Kenya. shuliy machinery specializes in making charcoal machines to contribute to solving charcoal problems and providing different charcoal solutions for customers.