How to start a hookah charcoal business?

June 08,2022

Compared with other charcoal products such as sawdust charcoal and barbecue charcoal, the development of hookah charcoal is still relatively niched. Although we can see many business projects on the Internet, there are not many that can really be done and are suitable for you. Many entrepreneurs think that doing hookah charcoal business is not too difficult, and the profitability is also good, so they want to start a hookah charcoal business. However, how to start a hookah charcoal business? WOOD machinery will do a summary about that, today we will talk about the production of shisha charcoal business points.

How to start a hookah charcoal business
How To Start A Hookah Charcoal Business

Take advantage of raw materials

If you want to do a hookah charcoal business, the first thing to consider is the raw materials. The best raw materials for hookah charcoal are mainly coconut shells, fruit wood, bamboo, etc. The price of hookah charcoal made from these raw materials will be higher. These resources are very abundant in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Because of the abundant resources, the price is relatively cheap, which is very beneficial to cost control.

Choose a professional hookah charcoal machine

When we buy hookah charcoal equipment, we must first consider the quality and operation of the equipment and subsequent maintenance. If you buy a hookah charcoal machine that can be used at a cheap price, the later maintenance cost may make you very upset. Some machine manufacturers sell machines at a very cheap price, and customers think they have earned it. However, the problem occurred not long after the customer bought it back, and then it was repaired by the after-sales service, and the maintenance cost was very high. So manufacturers make back the profits they gave you in the past. This is their business model. Therefore, when you choose equipment, and compare more manufacturers, it is best to go to the manufacturer to learn the technology and working principles of the shisha charcoal machine, then finally buy the machine.

Our slaes manager is introducing a rotary shisha maker
Our Slaes Manager Is Introducing A Rotary Shisha Maker

Identify customer groups

Shisha charcoal is different from other common charcoal varieties on the market. This charcoal is used for smoking hookah, so manufacturers who produce hookah charcoal must first consider where their market is. Do a detailed market research to determine whether there are people smoking hookah in your own country and whether there is a market. If not, consider the overseas hookah charcoal market. If you don’t do all these jobs, just buy the equipment and start working, and then you make a product, who do you sell it to? Only when there are customers can sales be made, and enterprises can develop healthily.

Establish your own charcoal brand

Any product that wants to gain high profits must have its own brand, and the same is true for hookah charcoal. In addition to the profit in the production process, the profit of a product is the brand premium. For example, we say that mobile phones, cars and other commodities have brands. The same product but your brand is big and well-known, the price can be more expensive. Because hookah charcoal is different from barbecue charcoal, hookah smokers will care about the brand of hookah charcoal just as cigarette smokers care about the brand of cigarettes. Therefore, when the enterprise grows to a certain stage, it must establish its own brand of hookah charcoal products.