How to improve the output of a charcoal pressing machine?

April 18,2022

There are various types and models of charcoal pressing machines for our customers to choose from. And it is better to choose the right model according to your own production capacity and needs. However, some customers may have such a misunderstanding: the way to increase the production output of equipment is to buy a larger model of briquettieg machine.

In fact, if you want to increase the output of the charcoal pressing machine, it is not enough to sell large-sized machines. There are many factors that affect the output of the briquetting machine.

Performance of charcoal pressing machine

The main factor affecting the dry powder briquette machine is the performance of the equipment. If you choose a briquetting machine equipment, if the quality of the equipment does not meet the standard, there will be frequent failures and problems during operation, then the output no matter how big the machine is, it is futile. Therefore, it is very important that the ball press equipment can operate with high efficiency and is trouble-free.

Complete charcoal ball production line

In addition, a single charcoal pressing machine cannot create a large-scale production, so a factory will generally establish a charcoal ball production line, and the composition of this production line requires more equipment, except for this briquetting machine. There are also various types of machinery such as crushers, conveyors, dryers, etc., so only one briquette machine has a high production capacity and the production capacity of other components cannot keep up, the output is not ideal either.

The whole production line
whole charcoal ball production line

Smooth and efficient operation

Last but not least, the operation and connection in the entire production process should be smooth and efficient. This also includes the skill of the workers and the efficiency of each machine. If you want to achieve high output, in addition to purchasing high-capacity equipment, you also need to be in place in other details.