Complete guide of wood chipper for sale

January 07,2023

Dead tree trunks and scrap wood are a burden and an obstacle to farms and factories, they do no good for the land. Wood chipper for sale and a garden shredder can cut them into wood chips, and suddenly your garden has mulch, fertilizer or renewable energy.

Types of wood chipper and garden shredder

Since there are many different forms of wood and different scenarios of use, there are many types of corresponding wood chipper for sale. For example, small ones, large ones, diesel models, electric models and so on. Moreover, the functions of various wood chippers are different, which makes some machines more suitable for specific working scenarios.

Garden shredder machine

Many woodworkers or wood processing plants would choose a garden mobile wood shredder, such as farms in Australia or wood processing plants in the UK, and they always have a variety of wood shredders. Since the mobile garden shredder can supply a lot of speed to them. It can crush fresh branches, and workers pushing the shredder into the woodlot can handle a large number of waste branches. Another advantage is that there are many models of wood shredders, and the wood chipper machine price is not very expensive, and a small wood chipper will be cheaper, so more and more customers are buying mobile wood shredders.

Drum wood chipper

Drum wood chipper is relatively new, mainly composed of body, feeding system, cutting system, hydraulic system, etc. The body is made of welded high-strength steel plate, which is strong and durable. This type of wood chipper is very efficient, so it is more suitable for commercial-style factories.

Purchase or rent?

You may be wondering how much a wood chipper will cost you. It depends on the size of the wood processing plant, how long the machine will be in use and whether you want to buy or just rent one. Unlike other large equipment, wood chippers are not expensive and it is usually more cost-effective to buy than to rent.

To find out the wood chipper machine price, you can send a message to the wood crusher manufacturers and online marketplaces, as there are a wide variety of wood chippers with varying price ranges.

Multifunctional wood chipper for sale

This wood chipper for sale is very flexible on the outside. The way the machine is powered, the length and size of the feed opening, the output of the wood shredder machine, and whether it can be moved. All these factors are optional, and we also support custom-made machines for customers. 1000 models or more are suitable for use in forestry, and smaller machines are suitable for small-scale processing plants or farms in Australia. We have exported the machines to the Uk, Australia, UAE and many other countries. It is the best wood chippers for sale australia.

Wood chipper brand

If you are looking for a suitable wood chipper, please feel free to consult WOOD Group and browse our wood chipping range. Our company specializes in small wood chipper and commercial wood chippers. Our wood chipper for sale has been exported all over the world, including Australia, the UK, Nigeria, Turkey, UAE and other countries, and have received high praise from our customers.

If you are interested in the wood shredder, welcome to contat us anytime, our professional sales managers will send you machine details and wood chipper machine price as soon as possible.