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Brand name WOOD Machinery
Output 500-8000kg/h
Power method Electric motors and diesel engines
Warranty 12 months

The wood chipper machine is one kind of wood processing machine. The equipment is used to handle waste wood, bamboo, board, and leather materials into small chips of certain sizes. The final products can be processed as raw materials in particleboard, fiberboard, paper pulp, and other industries. Besides, wood chips can be used as biomass energy fuel.

The machine is an ideal piece of equipment to make wood chips because of its compact structure, the small place occupied, good quality of slicing, etc. There are two ways of discharging material: upper discharging and lower discharging optional. Furthermore, OEM service is available according to specific requirements.

wood chipper machine working video

Motor-type wood chipper

The wood power source of the motor model is the electric motor. The chipper processes wood, bamboo, and other raw materials into small wood chips, which can be equipped with wheels according to customer requirements. So it can be moved easily. The discharge port can also be lengthened to facilitate the collection of wood chips.

Parameters of motor type wood chipper

ModelCapacityInput sizeOutlet sizeElectric power
wood chipper parameters

420, 600, and 800 models, models are named after blade diameter. These machines have less investment and moderate output, which made them become hot-selling products.

For models above type 800, for the convenience of feeding, the feeding port is designed to be flat due to the large output, and the conveyor belt can be connected to realize automatic feeding. Models above 1000, inclined feeding style, can be equipped with conveyor belts, which is suitable for large venues.

Wood chipper for sale
Wood Chipper For Sale

Diesel wood chipper

The diesel version of the wood chipper uses diesel fuel as fuel and processes the raw material into wood chips. It is not limited by voltage and can work in a variety of scenarios. The diesel log chipper can also be customized with wheels, which can meet the needs of flexible movement of the machine.

Parameters of diesel generator types

ModelCapacityInput sizeOutlet sizeDiesel power
wood chipping machine parameters

Characteristics of wood chips making machine

  1. The crusher machine features a compact structure and occupies minimal space.
  2. Its operation is straightforward, requiring no special training. Simply feed the logs into the inlet.
  3. Equipped with blades made of carbon steel, the machine offers a long service life and easy disassembly and installation.
  4. The cover of the crushing chamber is designed to be easily opened, facilitating maintenance and part replacement.
  5. With a large feeding size suitable for log diameters ranging from 230mm to 500mm, it offers greater capacity compared to traditional models.
  6. The position and length of the inlet and outlet can be customized to meet customer requirements. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with a conveyor belt for transportation purposes.

Wood chipper machine structure

The wood log chipper mainly is composed of a base, frame, inlet and outlet, blades, casing, and electric control system. The motor drives the rotor at a high speed after the wood is put into the machine body through the feeding port, then the wood is cut into wood chips of similar sizes by the high-speed rotating blade.

Adjusting the inclination of the mounting blade according to the buyer’s needs to produce different sizes specifications and thicknesses of wood chips. The disc chipper series products have been renewed and transformed year by year in order to continuously improve grades to meet the market requirements of high quality, high efficiency, and high grade.

Applicable materials & situations of wood chipping machine

The disc wood log chipper is mainly suitable for small-diameter wood and processing residues, such as branches, slabs, slats, round wood cores, waste veneers, waste wood, etc.

We can use a wood debarker to peel the bark of the logs. The debarked wood chippers are more suitable for the papermaking process. The machine also applies to non-wood materials, like sugar cane, reed, bamboo, and so on.

The final wood chips usually can be used in the processing of papermaking, particleboard, fiberboard, medium-density board, biomass, etc. Its power consumption is low, and suitable for flow operations. Besides, it also can be used for commercial wood chip production for individual households.

Wood material & final wood chips
Wood Material &Amp; Final Wood Chips

What should be noticed when using the wood chipper?

  1. Wire the motor strictly according to the sign requirements, and ensure the ground wire is well connected before turning on the machine.
  2. Turn the belt pulley with both hands to run it idle and check if the cutter head rotates normally. If there is any abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately for inspection and adjustment.
  3. To ensure the quality of wood chips, the moisture content of the raw material should ideally be between 30% and 40%. If the wood is too dry, the operator can add an appropriate amount of water.
  4. After using it for a certain period, sharpen the cutter using special sharpening equipment to ensure the cutting edge angle and sharpness of the tool.
  5. Read the instructions carefully before using the machine, or consult a professional technician for guidance.

Advantages compared to drum-type chippers

Compared with the drum chipper, this chipper is more suitable for those who are just starting the wood business. The investment cost of a wood chipper is low, the machine itself is relatively small, so the transportation cost is less, which effectively reduces the risk for investors.

In addition, wheels can be added to both the electric chipper and the diesel chipper, which is very easy to move. Finally, the drum chipper is more professional in operation and has a very large output, making it more suitable for use in large forest farms.

What can we provide for the wood chipper machine?

Before sale:

  1. Help customers to choose a suitable machine based on actual needs.
  2. Design and manufacture the machine according to the customer’s requirements and the actual situation.

During sale:

  1. Inspect the machine strictly, and send photos and videos to the buyer before shipment.
  2. Assist customers in drawing up the construction plans.

After-sale service:

  1. Guide the installation by English manual, video, or assigning technician.
  2. On-site training of operators.
  3. Online consulting services are available.



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