How to make briquettes from sawdust?

December 15,2022

Charcoal has been a widely used fuel source for decades. It is one of the main fuel products used for industrial and residential purposes. However, in the recent past, due to the decrease in forests and the increased awareness of environmental protection, natural charcoal is in short supply and the price is getting higher. But the demand for charcoal has always been high.

This is when the reuse of wood becomes particularly important. Do you know how to make briquettes from sawdust? Sawdust is easy to get, the edges of wooden furniture, branches and trunks, wooden pallets, etc. can be broken to get a large number of wood chips, the cost is very low and the profit margin is very high. As a result, sawdust briquette machine is becoming popular today. Making briquettes from sawdust has become profitable, and charcoal plants in South Africa, Uganda,Ghana and Kenya have set up charcoal production lines these years.

How to make briquettes from sawdust? The most important equipment is a sawdust briquette machine. The raw material of wood chip coal is sawdust. To ensure a large productivity, the size of sawdust should be less than 1cm and the moisture content should be less than 12%. Binding material can then be added to the wood chips or other biomass powder, and then they are shaped by high pressure and high temperature.

How to make briquettes from sawdust?
Sawdust Briquettes

We provide complete production line, which includes crushing wood into wood chips, then reducing the moisture of wood chips by dryer, and finally shaping the wood chips by machine. Its structure and appearance are improved in design based on our years of experience.


We offer many different kinds of charcoal production lines. If the raw material is wood chips, the charcoal production line can make different charcoal briquettes. If you need, please feel free to contact us.